Page & Line Challenge — Getting Even

Teresa Grabs has issued a new Page & Line Challenge. For this challenge, Teresa asks us to “grab the book you’re reading or a random book off your shelf and turn to page 264 (or location if you’re using an ebook). Scroll down to line 8 and write a story using that line somewhere in it.

974E4581-B112-452B-9B71-5351DBB3A66CThe book I chose is an ebook in my iPhone’s Kindle library, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls: Essays, Etc. by David Sedaris. It’s a book of humorous short stories, and line 8 at location 264 is from a short story titled “Memory Lapse.” The line in question is “She’d sit waist-deep in the kiddie pool, dropping her cigarette ash….”

Okay, then. Here’s my tale built around that line.

Annie hated it when it got this hot. It had to be close to 100 degrees and the humidity made it feel almost unbearable. She had pleaded with her husband to put an in-ground pool in the backyard, but he wouldn’t hear of it. “Too much money,” he’d say. “Too much hassle,” he’d add.

So she tried to persuade him to install an above-ground pool, but he said those were ugly eyesores that only rednecks and foreigners would put in their yards.

In her desperation to have pool in their backyard, Annie threatened to leave her husband. The next day, in response, he told Annie that she deserved to have a pool, grabbed her hand and led her out to the backyard.

“What the fuck?” Annie exclaimed when she saw the small, inflatable children’s pool in their yard. “Is this your idea of a joke?” she screamed at him. He just laughed and walked back into the house.

After yet another hot and muggy day, and Annie devised a plan to get even with her husband. It was simple and, yes, a little bit evil. She’d call a swimming pool company and schedule an appointment to have a pool maintenance man come over to clean the pool. She’d call her husband and tell him to meet her at home about 15 minutes after the appointment start time.

Then she’d go into the backyard, strip off all of her clothes, light up a smoke, and she’d sit waist-deep in the kiddie pool, dropping her cigarette ash on the grass while waiting for the pool guy to arrive. If her timing worked out as she planned it, her husband would arrive just in time to see her and the pool guy, shall we say, treading water.

She may not end up getting a real, in-ground pool, she figured, but she would definitely be getting even.

7 thoughts on “Page & Line Challenge — Getting Even

  1. Sadje March 12, 2020 / 11:32 am

    Lol! Oh sorry you don’t like lol! Yet great story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rugby843 March 12, 2020 / 11:33 am

    Uh huh, sounds like something I might have done in my youngervdays😄

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