Making Room for a Dynasty

32F388BD-B7A2-4983-9019-92B43729CAFDYesterday, Donald Trump inexplicably appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead a task force to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Many observers were puzzled that Trump didn’t appoint an outside expert to coordinate the response to this potential pandemic.

Why Mike Pence? After all, when he was the governor of Indiana, the state’s Scott County experienced the largest HIV outbreak that Indiana had seen in decades — an outbreak public health experts said was preventable. Nearly 200 people using opioids got sick after people contracted the virus by sharing dirty needles because, under Pence, Indiana law made it illegal to possess a syringe without a prescription.

A steadfast conservative, Pence was morally opposed to needle exchanges on the grounds that they supported drug abuse. And since Pence considers homosexuality to be an abomination that violates God’s laws. And since those affected by the spread of AIDS were mostly homosexuals, no harm-no foul to straight, white, Christian citizens, right?

Under pressure from public health officials, Pence eventually lifted a ban on sterile needle exchange programs in the state. And now Trump has put him in charge of managing the outbreak of the coronavirus. He seems, at first glance, to be an odd choice for this role.

Anyway, despite predictions by health and disease experts in his own administration that the coronavirus is going to spread and turn into a serious health issue in the United States, Trump is claiming that it’s under control and we, the U.S. should be at zero cases within a few weeks and the threat of a pandemic will be over.

I don’t believe for a minute that Trump really believes that. I think he knows that the coronavirus is a real threat and it could take months or years to combat it. By appointing Pence to lead the charge against the coronavirus, Pence will have to focus all of his energies on combating the pandemic.

Hence, Trump is essentially sidelining Pence and will have an excuse to pull him from the ticket in 2020, leaving an opening for a new running mate for Vice President.

I predict that his new running mate will be none other than his daughter, Ivanka Trump. The Donald has made no secret of his desire to create a Trump dynasty with his offspring. Who better than his daughter to be his running mate this fall? It would help him with white female voter and with the superficial white male Trump supporters who have fantasies about screwing Ivanka.

If the Trump/Trump tickets wins in November, Ivanka will be the nation’s first female Vice President and could, in 2024, become the first female POTUS.

Let that sink in for a few minutes. And remember, you heard it here first!

23 thoughts on “Making Room for a Dynasty

  1. Marilyn Armstrong February 27, 2020 / 6:05 pm

    Does Pence think that no homosexuals are white? I have a big surprise for him! Most openly gay men are white.

    I’m not throwing in the towel yet and neither should you. Really. Buck up old chap. We aren’t dead yet. But, with Pence in charge, that could easily change. All Pence is going to offer us are prayers. We know how well that works.

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    • Fandango February 28, 2020 / 12:20 am

      It’s hard, Marilyn, to “buck up” these days. It seems to be getting worse with each passing day.


  2. newepicauthor February 27, 2020 / 6:28 pm

    Trump said that if Ivanka weren’t his daughter, perhaps he would be dating her.

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  3. Marleen February 27, 2020 / 7:21 pm

    If Trump wins again, with or without Ivanka, but probably especially with Ivanka, there’s a good chance I’m moving outa’ here.

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    • Fandango February 28, 2020 / 12:27 am

      I am not moving again, but I will become a hermit and a shut-in, cutting myself off as best I can from the rest of the world.


  4. m.caimbeul February 27, 2020 / 8:03 pm

    A disconcerting thought and Trump is blatantly ignorant enough to propose it. The question is would it go unchallenged…

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    • Fandango February 28, 2020 / 12:29 am

      It would certainly go unchallenged by Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans.

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      • m.caimbeul February 28, 2020 / 5:51 pm

        Yes that’s why it’s not only Trump who should be responsible for our present state. To condone is to be culpable.

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    • Fandango February 28, 2020 / 12:32 am

      Fascinating is not the word I’d use to describe what’s going on in US politics.

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  5. annieasksyou February 28, 2020 / 6:56 pm

    I was with you through the reasons trump picked Pence: I had the same thought about making him the fall guy and dumping him. But instead of Ivanka, I think he’d pick Nikki Haley, who has shed all pretense of dignity and gone all-trumpy.

    But I can’t live with the pessimism. So after two posts about Bernie to prevent Buyer’s Remorse, I’m crusading for Citizen Activism. We need to donate, volunteer, talk up the need to vote, like never before. I’ve given info about the more than 50 Democratic House members being especially targeted by the Republicans, and have cited a newsletter giving action orgs, as well as linking to some of the organizations mentioned, eg, one specifically designed to defeat ten Senate Republicans.

    We’ve got to work hard and take back our country. It’s hard to be upbeat, but the alternative is unbearable.

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    • Fandango February 28, 2020 / 11:59 pm

      Good for you! I’ve gone to rallies and have been disappointed by the attendance. We should be out there in masses protesting, marching, demonstrating, like they were late last year in Hong Kong and even in Russia. But I guess everyone is too busy with their activities of daily living to be out in force.


  6. leigha66 March 1, 2020 / 9:06 pm

    This is the scariest post I have ever seen… I hope you are wrong!

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