A Snail’s Pace

a snail’s pace“I don’t understand how you can get anything done when you work at such a snail‘s pace.” Charlie said. “Don’t you have any pride in your work?”

“That’s not fair, Charlie,” Carla said. I’m extremely fastidious about completing my assigned tasks. I find doing my job the right way to be very uplifting and it’s important to me that I’m thorough and complete. I want to make sure I decipher these top secret, coded communications correctly. And it doesn’t help to have you all over my ass. So you choose. Are you looking for speed or accuracy?”

“You’re right, Carla.” Charlie admitted. “There’s too much at stake if these covert communications are misinterpreted. Take your time and continue to decipher these transactions between Putin and Trump.”

Written for these daily prompts: Daily Addictions (snail), The Daily Spur (pride), Ragtag Daily Prompt (fastidious), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (task), Word of the Day Challenge (uplifting), and Your Daily Word Prompt (decipher).

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