The Melting Pot Society

A8CB24F1-15EC-430D-98A8-6C1FE9C544B3“America was founded on the notion of its ability to assimilate others into its newly developing society,” the teacher said. “All races, religions, and national origins were welcomed to our shores.”

One of the students slapped his knee and got a sardonic grin on his face. “Yeah, right,” he said, sarcastically.

The teacher looked over at the student. “Well, Darnell, aren’t you the precocious one this morning. “Is there something you’d like to say to the class?”

“Yeah,” Darnell said. “My great great grandparents were kidnapped from their ancestral homes in Africa and brought over here in slave ships. Once here, they were forced into slavery by their white European masters. Is that what you call the the notion of assimilation?”

Dakota stood up and said, “And how well did those of white European heritage assimilate my Native American ancestors into their newly developing society?”

Then Jose shouted out, “And even now, white Americans are balking at trying to assimilate people of my Mexican heritage.”

The teacher sighed. “Okay, scratch what I said about assimilation. As the next generations of Americans, it is going to be up to you to combat this racism and divisiveness and to unite us all into the diverse, heterogeneous, melting pot society the United States was intended to be.”

Written for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (assimilate), The Daily Spur (knee), Ragtag Daily Prompt (sardonic), Your Daily Word Prompt (precocious), Daily Addictions (scratch), and Word of the Day Challenge (unite).

15 thoughts on “The Melting Pot Society

  1. rugby843 September 13, 2019 / 11:31 am

    Exactly. I agree with the teacher, with hope for the future.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong September 13, 2019 / 1:20 pm

    First, we’ll have to admit to a lot of things we did terribly wrong and at the very least, ask for forgiveness for what we did. Maybe if we start humbly, we might become a nation finally.

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  3. Paula Light September 13, 2019 / 2:29 pm

    I never liked the idea of a melting pot, where everyone was boiled together into a homogeneous glop. I like the “separate but equal” concept where different cultures retain their own identities but we’re all still Americans.

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    • Fandango September 13, 2019 / 5:27 pm

      Ideally, people different cultures should retain those aspects of their culture that make it unique while embracing the American values that unite us as a society.

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  4. JT Twissel September 13, 2019 / 2:33 pm

    It’s a terrible problem to pass down to one’s children and grandchildren. But at least it’s an acknowledged problem. When I was going up people pretended like racism didn’t exist.

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  5. leigha66 September 14, 2019 / 8:48 pm

    We need to teach them respect and common sense … they are too busy practicing active shooter drills though. 😥😭

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