The Free Spirit

0F25EB82-01FE-4AF4-9B4E-B34A51C2AB00Sally thought of herself as a free spirit. She was independent, unorthodox, and uninhibited. She would always do things on her own terms, embracing whatever she wanted to do and doing it, regardless of other people’s opinions.

Some admired Sally for being unconventional. Others thought she was disgraceful and shameless. But she didn’t care what others thought of her. She was her own person and rather enjoyed being a topic of conversation and the center of attention. She had a passion and a zest for life and wouldn’t tolerate anyone who tried to clip her wings.

But Sally had to face the harsh realities of living in a material world. She didn’t want to depend upon others for the necessities of life, like shelter, food, and clothing. She knew she needed to earn money to fund her independent, free-spirited life style.

After giving it much thought, Sally decided upon a pursuit that she thought would enable her to continue in her independent, unorthodox, unconventional, uninhibited ways and yet pay the bills and then some. She ended up getting a job as an exotic dancer at a high class, exclusive gentlemen’s club.

Being a stripper gave Sally everything she, as a true free spirit, wanted. When she was on stage strutting her stuff, all eyes were on her. She loved the attention and she relished the hungry, wonton stares of the people, both men and women, she was receiving. And, of course, like icing on the cake, there were the very generous tips.

Some of Sally’s friends thought she was selling out, but Sally found nothing wrong with taking off her clothes and dancing naked for an appreciative audience. After all, she rationalized, there exists a very fine line between being a free spirit and an exhibitionist. And as a free spirit, that was a line Sally decided she was more than willing to cross, especially if it meant survival.

Written for this week’s Word of the Day Kira’s Sunday Scribbles prompt.

5 thoughts on “The Free Spirit

  1. Rami August 28, 2019 / 3:54 am

    Nice article name,well my website name is the free spirit.

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