Pasta Tonight

98CC1219-F97A-4FD7-91CB-BE46A737DF81“Look, Paul,” Donna shouted.

“What? Is something the matter? Do you need me to stop the demolition?” Paul asked. He and Donna were in the middle of removing their old kitchen cabinets and countertops as they prepared for a crew to come in and remodel their old kitchen.

“I found this old spaghetti tin behind this cabinet. It looks like it could be an antique,” Donna said, holding the tin up for Paul to see.

“Cool,” Paul said. “Is there anything in it?”

Donna shook the tin and heard the sound of something rattling inside. She pulled the lid off the tin. “Yes,” she said. There’s still spaghetti in here. I wonder if it’s still edible.”

Paul chuckled. “I bet in the hierarchy of things that can outlast a nuclear holocaust, I’d advocate for raw pasta over even cockroaches and rats.

“Well,” Donna said, “let’s not test your theory by trying to cook and eat that old spaghetti.”

“I’m fine with that,” Paul said. “Now let’s get back to demolishing this kitchen.”

Donna looked around at all the damage they’d done to the cabinets and countertops and said, “Yeah, let’s get this done do we can go take our showers and then go out for out a nice, serene dinner tonight.”

“I’m down with that,” Paul said. “And for some reason, I’m in the mood for some pasta tonight.”

Written for these daily prompts: Daily Addictions (spaghetti), Word of the Day Challenge (hierarchy), Your Daily Word Prompt (outlast), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (advocate), The Daily Spur (damage), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (serene).

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