The Cocktail Party

86F93390-863E-4455-B15F-8F4C5A9FF66A“Kris, why must you always flirt with every man in sight?” Matt angrily said.

“Oh please, Matt,” Kris said. “There’s no need for you to be jealous. This is a cocktail party and I’m just being sociable. You know that we need to aggressively promote our film if we’re going to get anyone to pick it up.”

“I don’t like feeling as if I’m pimping you out just so that we can enrich ourselves,” Matt said. “We’ll eventually persuade one of these fat cats to finance the distribution of our movie without you having shove your tits in their faces.”

“You’re cynicism is on display, dear,” Kris said, sarcastically. “But in the interest of getting the funding wrapped up, I’m going to let your snide remark slide.” Kris handed Matt a drink and said, “Relax, sweetie and watch me work the crowd. Oh look, darling, there’s that rich guy from Warner over there. He looks like a guy who needs to have my tits shoved in his face.”

Word of the Day Challenge (flirt), The Daily Spur (film), Your Daily Word Prompt (enrich), Ragtag Daily Prompt (eventually), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (cynicism), and Daily Addictions (slide).

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