Is This Really Necessary?

I understand that the folks who bring us WordPress have to make money. And since many bloggers take advantage of the fact that WordPress makes its site available for free, one way for the company to make money is by placing advertisements at the end of people’s posts.

But one would hope that those ads would not be disgusting to see. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case. As evidence, I present you with this example of what I saw at the end of one blogger’s post this morning.F6EBACCA-47B7-4D4A-88F8-7B8C45B7FC34Eww! Jeez, WordPress, is displaying such a gross ad really necessary? I was drinking coffee when I saw this and almost did a spit take.

This is one of the reasons I opted to upgrade to a paid plan. It doesn’t cost that much (I think they start at $3 per month) and it eliminates all ads. I figured that was a small price to pay to not expose my readers to vomit-inducing advertisements. I’m not suggesting that others should opt for a paid plan. I’m just making you aware what other bloggers might see when they go to visit your site if you’re using the free plan.

Something to think about.

27 thoughts on “Is This Really Necessary?

  1. Marilyn Armstrong June 27, 2019 / 9:17 am

    Have you seen that particularly loathsome one with worrms growing out of someone’s gut? I want to heave every time I see it. When I bought into the middle range ($100/year, but I think they just raised prices — but I’m good for two years and who knows if I’ll even be alive by then?) I bought it because it came with additional storage space for photographs, it enabled me to change fonts (though they have greatly limited what you can do in customization in the past couple of years), AND freedom from advertisements. I didn’t think the lack of ads was going to be the top priority. I just wanted to be able to change colors and fonts on my headings. They did throw in letting you use ANY template you want, so I guess that’s a plus, though I’m not eager to change templates again. For a while I was changing every week until I finally found one that mostly works for me.

    They do keep changing their format, so even though your template is supposed to stay the same, it doesn’t stay the same. Sometimes, it stops working at all.

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  2. Marleen June 27, 2019 / 11:04 am

    It seems to be one of their go-to themes (whether with this picture of another like it). I don’t know what makes the difference — some sites only show me pictures of things for which I’ve been shopping; like furniture , rugs, art, colorful bras…

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    • Marleen June 27, 2019 / 11:26 am

      Does anybody know why some sites have toe fungus, gut issues, and overweight as the types of adds imposed all over the place — while others have more personally
      -targeted advertisements only at the top of the site’s screens (or some format more manageable like that)?

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      • Fandango June 27, 2019 / 11:57 am

        Some people have third-party ads that they can receive a few pennies for whenever someone clicks on them, versus the WordPress ads where all revenue goes to WordPress.


        • Marleen June 27, 2019 / 12:14 pm

          I’m glad to know the more personalized ads (or third-party) benefit the individual person who offers the site. Those are the only ones on which I ever click.

          Those are WordPress sites as well. Do you know how much they pay for that?

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  3. rugby843 June 27, 2019 / 11:13 am

    It’s better than the gut doctors or the snake moving, what that really is I can’t stand to look, or a toenail gross ad, where are they getting these disgusting ads?  I stopped playing any games on my phone because of the ads.  Are you sure it’s three dollars a month for no ads at all?  It would be worth it.

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  4. JT Twissel June 27, 2019 / 12:59 pm

    I agree – the expense is worth it. I’ve seen much worse than blubber. It can be quite jarring if you’re eating.

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  5. Mikayla Hart June 27, 2019 / 4:11 pm

    I’ve been contemplating taking ads off mine because of how gross they are. But I’m not sure how any of the ads and revenue work. I dislike them junking up my blog though…

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    • Fandango June 27, 2019 / 10:20 pm

      If you have the free WordPress plan, ads may be displayed on your post, and any proceeds go to WordPress. If you have a paid plan, WordPress won’t show ads on your posts, but some bloggers use things like Google AdSense, where bloggers get a fraction of a penny for each click on the ad.


  6. Dorinda Duclos July 1, 2019 / 9:45 am

    Every single one of the ads are disgusting, and they aren’t just at the end of posts, they’re in the middle, the beginning. It’s where WP likes to plop it. I’m guessing it’s what the advertiser is paying, placement wise. For a mere pittance, you can have a dot com or whatever and none of this crap in the middle of your work. I don’t know why anyone would be okay with this. But that’s just MHO.

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