Weekend Writing Prompt — Idyll Idle Idol

3456B6F7-359C-4A58-875D-8698440966E7He was a teacher, an educator, and a philosopher. As a young man, long before my birth, he bought a few acres of land in a country idyll in Vermont. There he built a log cabin with his own hands and at which he would retreat from the city life and spend his idle time in the summers painting landscapes of the lush, verdant hills and crystal blue lake waters of the Green Mountain State.

He’s gone now, but my grandfather was my idol.

(Exactly 84 words)

94F3A42D-5DBA-4419-9A46-A58AD6C6AABBWritten for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt, where we are challenged to write a poem or piece of prose using the word “idyll” in exactly 84 words. Also for today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt (verdant).

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