Anniversary Trip

8FA3803F-C185-45A4-9287-C4CD46D7857AFrank walked up behind his wife, who was sitting at the kitchen table with a bunch of papers spread out on the top. “Whatcha doing, hon?” he asked.

Andrea jumped. “Jesus, you startled me,” she said. Why do you always sneak up like you’re stalking me? Don’t do that.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” Frank said. “You were so engrossed in whatever it is you’re up to.”

“I’m up to planning our twentieth anniversary trip,” Andrea said.

“That’s cool. What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about two weeks abroad,” she said.

“Abroad? You mean like in a foreign country?”

“I am, indeed,” Andrea said. “Don’t you think that sounds exciting?”

“Not to me it doesn’t,” Frank said. “Why go someplace where everyone speaks a different language.”

“Oh come on Frank. We’ve never been overseas,” Andrea said. “Don’t you want to expand your horizons? Or would you rather me brand you as a stick in the mud?”

“I think we need to change the narrative here,” Frank said. “There are plenty of places right here in the good old USofA that we haven’t been to yet. You know what Trump says, right? ‘America First.’”

“Oh please, Frank, don’t start quoting that asshole Donald Trump to me.” Andrea stood up, swept all of the papers onto the floor, and said, “You can go celebrate our twentieth anniversary in America with your buddy Donald Trump. I’m going abroad.” Then she rushed out of the kitchen.

Frank went running after her. “Andrea, sweetie, what’s your hurry?”

Written for these daily prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (stalk), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (abroad), Word of the Day Challenge (foreign), Swimmers (brand), Your Daily Word Prompt (narrative), and The Daily Spur (hurry).

High School Daze

Barbara, over at TeleportingWeena, wants to teleport us back to our high school days. She asked us to “think about your SENIOR year in High School. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be!”

Alrighty then. Since I graduated from high school before many of you were even born, this should tons of fun!

1. Did you know your current significant other?

No. I met her 14 years later.

2. Make and year of car?

I mostly drove my mother’s car, a bronze, 1961 Corsair Monza. It was a POS car that I nicknamed “the golden garbage can.”38BF893E-1D2C-4FA6-BCA1-FE74AF85F957

3. What kind of job?

I worked part time at a local Sears & Roebuck store.

4. Where did you live?

My parents’ home in a suburb of Washington, DC.

5. Were you popular?

I was tall, skinny, with braces and acne. What do you think?

6. Were you in choir?

No. I couldn’t carry a tune from one side of the room to the other.

7. Ever get suspended from school?

Yes. For smoking in the boys’ room.

8. If you could, would you go back?

Do I look like a masochist?

9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with?

I don’t even remember her name. Oh wait. It was Christine.

10. Did you skip school?

Is the Pope Catholic? Does the bear shit in the woods?

11. Go to all the football games?

Most of them. Our team sucked.

12. Favorite subject?

History/social studies

13. Do you still have your yearbooks?

Probably somewhere in a box in the attic.

14. Did you follow the career path you planned?

What plan?

15. Did you have a class ring?

Yes, but it’s probably in the same box up in the attic where my yearbooks are.

16. Still close with your best friend?

No. I’ve lost touch with all of them.

17. Who was your favorite teacher?

Mr. Fowler, my art teacher. He was very encouraging.

18. What was your style?

High school casual. 

19. Favorite shoes?

Chuck Taylor high top All-Stars.D0E48EB6-0F7F-4E95-8772-97997E92D2A1

21. Favorite music?

Top 40

22. High school hair?

Think of the Fonz.4BD3C113-6281-4855-A989-862CE1C7AD82

23. What kind of cologne/perfume?

Canoe. What was I thinking?7344391F-C6C2-4269-94BA-0AF2FAECD6B5

24. How old when graduated?


25. Did you play a sport?

I tried out for the basketball team. I became the ball boy.

Your turn. Copy the questions and paste your answers.

Sunday Writing Prompt — It’s John Lennon, Dude


“It’s a picture of John Lennon when The Beatles were going through their psychedelic phase,” I said.

“That’s what you see?” he asked.

“Sure. The purple sunglasses, the rosy cheeks, the fu manchu mustache, the long hair. It’s definitely Lennon. No question.”

“Pink hair?”

“Psychedelic colors, man,” I said. “Like ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,’ you know what I mean? Like ‘tangerine trees and marmalade skies.’”

“And what is that on Lennon’s head?” he asked.

“It’s his Sgt. Pepper hat.”

“And those shapes on both sides of his head?”

“Dude, don’t you see it?” I asked. “That’s the visualization of the music that is inside of his mind as he’s composing a song. In stereo!”

“May I ask you something?” he said.

“Sure, feel free. Go for it.”

“Are you tripping on acid right now?”

“Funny you should ask, Dr. Rorschach,” I said, smiling at the psychologist. “That’s a very distinct possibility.”

Written for this week’s Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Weekend Writing Prompt — What’s Your Sign?

58A66F96-581A-4E63-B14F-FF3C2B30C434“What’s your sign?” she asked.

“You mean my zodiac sign? I don’t know,” he said.

“What’s your birthday?”

“July 16th.”

“Ah, Cancer,” she said. “You’re good natured and loving.”

“Lady,” he said, “my sign is ‘STOP,’ so get the hell outta my face.”

(Exactly 43 words)

D1241C40-57BA-433F-9B5A-CF385A4DE96AWritten for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt, where we are challenged to write a poem or piece of prose using the word “zodiac” in exactly 43 words.

Song Lyric Sunday — Midnight Rambler

For this week’s Song Lyric Sunday theme, Jim Adams gave us “Dawn, Noon, Dusk, Midnight, Nocturnal, and Diurnal.” My first thought was to go with Chicago’s “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” But then the The Rolling Stones’ song “Midnight Rambler” popped into my head. It was a tough choice because I really like both songs, but finally decided to go with the Stones.

“Midnight Rambler is a blues/rock song written by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. The song was released on The Rolling Stones’ 1969 album Let It Bleed, which happens to be my favorite Stones album.

The inspiration for the song is thought to be the case of the Boston Strangler. Thirteen women were found dead in and around Boston from 1962-1964. Most of the victims had been sexually assaulted, strangled, and were found with their nylon stockings tied in a bow around their necks.

While the lyrics do not directly relate to the specifics of the case, Jagger implies it when he sings, “Well you heard about the Boston…” before an instrumental stab cuts him off. The singer in the song calls himself the “midnight rambler,” and he seems to relish his notoriety in the same way that many real-life serial killers seem to.

When performing the song, Jagger takes on the persona of a killer who is stalking his victim. He would create a morbid atmosphere when he takes on the role of the killer, spastically whipping the floor toward the end of the song as the audience would scream along.

Here are the lyrics to “Midnight Rambler.”

Did you hear about the midnight rambler
Everybody got to go
Did you hear about the midnight rambler
The one that shut the kitchen door
He don’t give a hoot of warning
Wrapped up in a black cat cloak
He don’t go in the light of the morning
He split the time the cock’rel crows

Talkin’ about the midnight gambler
The one you never seen before
Talkin’ about the midnight gambler
Did you see him jump the garden wall
Sighin’ down the wind so sadly
Listen and you’ll hear him moan
Talkin’ about the midnight gambler
Everybody got to go

Did you hear about the midnight rambler
Well, honey, it’s no rock ‘n’ roll show
Well, I’m talkin’ about the midnight gambler
Yeah, the one you never seen before

(Don’t you do that)

Well you heard about the Boston,
It’s not one of those
Well, talkin’ ’bout the midnight, sh,
The one that closed the bedroom door
I’m called the hit-and-run raper in anger
The knife-sharpened tippie-toe…
Or just the shoot ’em dead, brainbell jangler
You know, the one you never seen before

So if you ever meet the midnight rambler
Coming down your marble hall
Well he’s pouncing like a proud black panther
Well, you can say I, I told you so
Well, don’t you listen for the midnight rambler
Play it easy, as you go
I’m gonna smash down all your plate glass windows
Put a fist, put a fist through your steel-plated door

Did you hear about the midnight rambler
He’ll leave his footprints up and down your hall
And did you hear about the midnight gambler
And did you see me make my midnight call

And if you ever catch the midnight rambler
I’ll steal your mistress from under your nose
I’ll go easy with your cold fanged anger
I’ll stick my knife right down your throat, baby and it hurts!