Slam Dunk

7AFBD860-DCD0-4D12-AD96-61CBB3588695Kenneth stood at the back of the empty courtroom and welcomed the respite as the jury adjourned to begin deliberations. It had been a long and grueling trial, at times lackluster and at other times quite spirited. But it was now out of his hands.

When he was assigned the case by the district attorney, Kenneth thought it was nearly identical to a case he had successfully prosecuted a few decades earlier when he was a young attorney. But once the trial began, he knew that his co-counsel, Cheryl, was right when she warned him that there’s a storm brewing.

“I’ve never heard so many lies come from the mouths of so many witnesses as I heard at this trial,” Cheryl told Kenneth.

“And for that reason, it should be a slam dunk,” Kenneth said. “But we’ll find out when the jury comes back if they bought the lies or if they find him guilty of obstruction of justice.”

Written for Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge where the line is, “There’s a storm brewing.” Also for Teresa’s Genre Writing Challenge where the genre is “legal thriller” using the above image from David Mark @

And for these daily prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (respite), Word of the Day Challenge (lackluster), Ragtag Daily Prompt (identical), and Your Daily Word Prompt (lies).

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