One-Liner Wednesday — It’s About Time


“When people look at their watches, more often than not, they’re checking to see what time it’s not, rather than what time it is.”

This was another original quotation from yours truly, although I’m sure I’m not the only one who has expressed this sentiment.

I know that I’ll often look at my watch when I need to be someplace at a certain time and, in order to get there, I have to leave for wherever it is that I’m supposed to be “X” minutes in advance.

Say, for example, I offered to pick up a friend at the airport and his flight is scheduled to land at 2:40 pm. And let’s say it takes me 45 minutes to get from where I am to the airport.

Are you still with me? Anyway, in order to get to the airport by 2:40, I need to leave no later than 1:55, right? So when I look at my watch, I’m checking to make sure that it’s not yet 1:55, rather than what time it actually is.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? You’re the same way, right?

Of course, the exception is when somebody directly asks you what time it is. Then you look at your watch and say, “Oh jeez, it’s 2:10. I shoulda left for the airport 15 minutes ago.”

P.S. Have you noticed that almost all pictures of watches or clocks in advertisements and commercials show the time as 10:10? Why is that?

Written for this week’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.

14 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday — It’s About Time

  1. bikerchick57 April 17, 2019 / 3:46 am

    I do this too. It’s now 5:45 am and I have to get ready so I can leave at 6:30 in order to get to work on time.

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  2. Dan Antion April 17, 2019 / 4:10 am

    That is true. Good observation. I’m making sure I don’t have to start working, so I can keep reading one-liners.

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  3. Sadje April 17, 2019 / 4:52 am

    That right, we often do that. And 10:10 looks good on the clock face.

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  4. John Holton April 17, 2019 / 6:58 am

    It used to be 8:18, which, like Sadje said, also looks good on the clock face. 10:10 might also look better on a digital watch, so maybe they use it for both.

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    • Fandango April 17, 2019 / 7:19 am

      I have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, so I always know what time it’s not.

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  5. Marleen April 17, 2019 / 12:20 pm

    I think the ten ten thing has to do with the illuminati. Sorry… I’ve watched a few new age motivational videos recently. 😏

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      • Marleen April 18, 2019 / 11:56 am

        Yeah, it’s quite a spectacle to look at some of those things. Another link said the Masons might be behind the Assange arrest because you could see a three at the top of the stairs he was carried down and a three at the bottom (referencing 33rd degree masonry). I’m pretty sure (due to another clip I saw) that there was a three on the left of the door and a three on the right of the door and the three at the bottom of the stairs — 333. And… it’s just an address (3).

        [Of course, the fact it’s only an address doesn’t mean there aren’t powerful elites in this world. (Nevertheless, most Masons aren’t very powerful — as most Catholics and so on aren’t. But it doesn’t have to be the greatest in power of either behind this matter.)]

        Anyway, what Leigha said makes most sense… that the two hands are easily in view.

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  6. leigha66 April 17, 2019 / 10:28 pm

    According to Mental Floss – it is symmetric, both hands are in full view, the hands frame the brand name, and they don’t block a date window. Great quote Fandango!

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