You Might Think It’s Okay

You probably saw this, heard this, or read this, but in case you haven’t, here is the text of Adam Schiff’s comments after the Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee unanimously demanded his resignation as chairman of that committee.

I found his words to be extraordinarily powerful. Words that should give every Trump supporter pause.

“My colleagues might think it’s okay that the Russians offered dirt on the Democratic candidate for president as part of what’s described as the Russian government’s effort to help the Trump campaign. You might think that’s okay.

“My colleagues might think it’s okay that when that was offered to the son of the president, who had a pivotal role in the campaign, that the president’s son did not call the FBI; he did not adamantly refuse that foreign help – no, instead that son said that he would ‘love’ the help with the Russians.

“You might think it’s okay that he took that meeting. You might think it’s okay that Paul Manafort, the campaign chair, someone with great experience running campaigns, also took that meeting. You might think it’s okay that the president’s son-in-law also took that meeting. You might think it’s okay that they concealed it from the public. You might think it’s okay that their only disappointment after that meeting was that the dirt they received on Hillary Clinton wasn’t better. You might think that’s okay.

“You might think it’s okay that when it was discovered, a year later, that they then lied about that meeting and said that it was about adoptions. You might think that it’s okay that it was reported that the president helped dictate that lie. You might think that’s okay. I don’t.

“You might think it’s okay that the campaign chairman of a presidential campaign would offer information about that campaign to a Russian oligarch in exchange for money or debt forgiveness. You might think that’s okay, I don’t.

“You might think it’s okay that that campaign chairman offered polling data to someone linked to Russian intelligence. I don’t think that’s okay.

“You might think it’s okay that the president himself called on Russia to hack his opponent’s emails, if they were listening. You might think it’s okay that later that day, in fact, the Russians attempted to hack a server affiliated with that campaign. I don’t think that’s okay.

“You might think it’s okay that the president’s son-in-law sought to establish a secret back channel of communication with the Russians through a Russian diplomatic facility. I don’t think that’s okay.

“You might think it’s okay that an associate of the president made direct contact with the GRU through Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks, that is considered a hostile intelligence agency. You might think it’s okay that a senior campaign official was instructed to reach that associate and find out what that hostile intelligence agency had to say in terms of dirt on his opponent.

“You might think it’s okay that the national security adviser designate secretly conferred with the Russian ambassador about undermining U.S. sanctions, and you might think it’s okay that he lied about it to the FBI.

“You might say that’s all okay, that’s just what you need to do to win. But I don’t think it’s okay. I don’t think it’s okay. I think it’s immoral, I think it’s unethical, I think it’s unpatriotic and, yes, I think it’s corrupt – and evidence of collusion.”

“Now I have always said that the question of whether this amounts to proof of conspiracy was another matter. Whether the special counsel could prove beyond a reasonable doubt the proof of that crime would be up to the special counsel, and I would accept his decision, and I do. He’s a good and honorable man, and he is a good prosecutor.

“But I do not think that conduct, criminal or not, is okay. And the day we do think that’s okay is the day we will look back and say that is the day that America lost its way.”

“And I will tell you one more thing that is apropos of the hearing today: I don’t think it’s okay that during a presidential campaign Mr. Trump sought the Kremlin’s help to consummate a real estate deal in Moscow that would make him a fortune – according to the special counsel, hundreds of millions of dollars. I don’t think it’s okay to conceal it from the public. I don’t think it’s okay that he advocated a new and more favorable policy towards the Russians even as he was seeking the Russians’ help, the Kremlin’s help to make money. I don’t think it’s okay that his attorney lied to our committee. There is a different word for that than collusion, and it’s called ‘compromise.’

“And that is the subject of our hearing today.”

In case you’re a visual person, here is the video of what Adam Schiff said.

19 thoughts on “You Might Think It’s Okay

  1. Sadje March 30, 2019 / 5:20 pm

    He said it. And I don’t think that the Trump supporters will see anything wrong still

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong March 30, 2019 / 5:22 pm

    I think Mueller did exactly what Jaworski did with Watergage: Lay out the facts and leave it to Congress to establish guilt or innocence. He was not the jury or the judge. His job was to uncover the truth which (I hope) he did. That we have an utterly corrupt party in charge of the Senate is NOT a problem Jaworski had. It was still a time when we could assume that elected officials had some semblance of a conscience, a believe in right and wrong.

    Personally, I think we are already lost. But that’s just me being cynical. I think we HAVE lost our way. Long since and I see no signs of us restoring our republic.

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    • Fandango March 30, 2019 / 8:13 pm

      But Jaworski gave his report to Congress, not to a Trump ass-kisser AG like Barr. But I agree with you. We already lost it and we’re not going to get it back.


  3. ArtisanX March 30, 2019 / 6:26 pm

    I am not on social media anymore. But I really need to express myself, just a little. It may not pertain to this post per se, but it does deal with the subject. First, in response to tweets regarding taking away the Pulitzer Prize and Jr’s “support tweet” may I just ask how can you not be convinced that someone else paid to have their kids accepted into a better school? I mean seriously. Chastising celebrities when you know damn well you paid for the same service. Look at your own kid. Not knowing what the Pulitzer awards and not using the correct possessive on Pulitzer? All in one tweet. Someone please, there is no way JR got into UPenn on merit. No way. My son goes to UPenn. I know what was required. Second, Anyone else find it fishy that whenever something starts to blow up in his face a “news (fake?) story” breaks. Today’s story about Pence? After 2 years? With all the other things going on? Please. Perhaps those networks didn’t rush to report because they were questioning authenticity and not rush to judge, ala Pompous. I mean POTUS. Would someone tell him how stupid he sounds when he says he is completely and totally innocent. Talk about overkill. I guess the more you say it the more others will believe it. I just find not really interesting that whenever there is something that makes POTHEAD look bad, some fishy news story breaks dealing with something democrats did or something that attempts to prove a lame point i.e. Virginia Governor, the Chicago mugging, the college cheating scandal, some possible past indiscretions of Dem Senators, or Rep Senators who aren’t very supportive. I know I can’t be the only one who sees these patterns. We already know they are digging up some bogus shit on O’Roarke because he’s one that could actually beat him. So ironic. Thank you for letting me vent here. I have so much more where that came from but I can’t give him another ounce of my brain juice. Dumbs me down.

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    • Fandango March 30, 2019 / 10:16 pm

      Please feel free to vent away at any time. These days we all need to blow off some stream.

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    • Marleen March 31, 2019 / 12:53 pm

      #rof College Admission Scandal Raises Questions About Jared
      Kushner’s Harvard Acceptance (investigated to some extent in 2006)

      And, yes, arti, I see the pattern you referred to, including the fishy story in Chicago (not following normal protocol) right after Pompous appeared/s to have gotten off the hook (according to the unorthodox behavior of the Republican fixer ag) for one specific aspect of his misdeeds — which is being portrayed as if the result and cover-up means he’s done nothing wrong.

      Congratulations to your son.

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      • ArtisanX March 31, 2019 / 2:20 pm

        That is just crazy. But come on, someone needs to look into Jr’s acceptance. Based on how he talks and writes, there is no way he would have the SAT scores necessary on his own. The other thing is that with Potass when the Chicago thing first happened he was very tepid in his response but m an did the gloves come off when it switched around. I just seem too think that for such an obscure incident he really made a much bigger deal than was necessary. In fact, I am not sure why he even bothered at all. It’s not like thongs like that don’t happen everyday. But why this one? It’s almost like he wanted everyone to know about this case where most people probably wouldn’t have really bothered with it. So many things like that. And while I am rolling, does anyone else wonder what the urgency is about making sure the wall is FULLY funded now? Correct me if I am wrong, but the man is in real estate, and I am sure he is aware of who ALL of the contractors are, so it just seems odd. I am wondering if his organization has stock in any of the contracting companies, perhaps might even have ownership. Its just such a large lump sum that I don’t get why they couldn’t have worked out incremental over time to pay it off. Surely you don’t need every billion right up front to get the work started. So why the urgency? Food for thought.

        Thank you! I have one more year until he graduates (and the loan payments are due). Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of being able to pay for it all up front. And I don’t know anyone I could have bribed that would have taken M&M’s as collateral. 😂

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        • Marleen April 1, 2019 / 3:51 am

          The Origins of Totalitarianism and the Trump Administration

          I think this helps to get across something I wanted to say yesterday.

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  4. Copy Chick March 30, 2019 / 6:44 pm

    It was a fantastic speech and one that everyone should take to heart. Every partisan hack who wants to take him down because he said ‘bad things’ about their exalted ruler should remember that if someone DOES bad things, it’s not the person who tries to warn people about it – but the perpetrator.

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  5. msjadeli March 30, 2019 / 7:30 pm

    Consider my mind as completely boggled. When the expert sheisters start to lose composure it’s like rats on a sinking ship. I appreciate his speech, but how many years has he rolled with all of that kind of stuff and not said a word. I don’t trust any of those self-serving slimeballs.

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    • Fandango March 30, 2019 / 10:25 pm

      Actually, he’s been one of the more vocal critics of Trump. He was responding to a call by Trump and the Republicans to resign from Congress because he’s not a Trump ass-kisser.

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      • msjadeli March 31, 2019 / 8:32 am

        Good to know. I hope he doesn’t cave in and resign. We Need People With Courage to resist him.

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  6. Melanie B Cee March 31, 2019 / 1:50 pm

    It’s odd that you should post this today. Because my post “Seriously” is, while not on the subject of the Russians or Trump’s corruption, about why our country isn’t the greatest in the world any more. As Marilyn stated in her comment, we’re already lost. I happen to agree. We aren’t coming back from this one either. It’s horrifying. Good on ya for speaking out. And no, it’s not okay. However they spin it, it’s definitely NOT OKAY.

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    • Marleen March 31, 2019 / 3:29 pm

      I think the only way we (as a country) can “come back” in terms of reputation and self-respect (if any Republicans in office care about that rather than only enriching themselves) is to remove him from office through the impeachment process (but, as a stop-gap minimal, in the next election)… and at least to give him major repercussions for specific wrongdoing, like using his so-called charity for himself, tax and insurance fraud, and so on.

      What will become of his administration siding with the joint blockade against a country where we have a military base? Does anything matter at all?


      • Marleen March 31, 2019 / 4:49 pm

        Sadly, I agree with you guys. I don’t think there will be serious results. I do think it is possible (possible*) he won’t be re-elected. But that’s not really enough.

        But it would mitigate the harm.

        * Even the possibility is being hopeful as Republicans tamper with elections.

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  7. Marleen March 31, 2019 / 2:29 pm

    After Republicans attacked Chairman Schiff’s leadership yesterday, he responded by admonishing Trump’s behavior during the campaign, [then …] silenced Republicans trying to respond since he was responding to their criticisms.


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