Rory’s Friday Foursome

A696F2A0-3402-47DD-8985-881AA74C5C8BOops. I misspoke. Rory’s not having a Friday foursome…at least not that I know of. What he is having is another Friday Four, where he asks us to respond to four simple questions.

1] How often do you update your ‘About Section’ in your blog and do you consider it an important aspect to your blog and if so – why?

I haven’t updated my About page since I created it when I started this blog 21 months ago. I haven’t changed, so there’s no reason to change/update my About page. As to whether it’s an important aspect of my blog, yes, I believe it is. Whenever I discover a new blogger, the first thing I do is check his or her About page. If there isn’t one, or if there is the generic “This is an example of an About page…,” then fuhgedabouddit. I’m not going to bother following any bloggers who don’t bother to share a something about themselves and what their blogs are all about.

2] Which do you prefer and why and what entices you to become involved with them?

  • Competitions
  • Challenges
  • Quizzes
  • Prompts

I respond to a lot of prompts from other bloggers and I also have three prompts of my own. I consider “prompts” and “challenges” in this context to be synonymous. The challenge is to incorporate the prompt words and/or photos into intriguing tales. I’m less inclined to participate in competitions or quizzes. Now that I’m an old fart, I’ve lost my competitive edge and my brain is quiz-averse.

3] How often do you ‘reblog’ or share other blogger’s posts?

I rarely reblog, but I always link back to the prompt/challenge posts I respond to.

4] What prompts you to do so?

What prompts me to reblog? As I mentioned, I rarely do so. I suppose if I come across something that I think is totally unique and that really speaks to me, I might reblog it. But I’m more likely to write my own post and link back to the post that prompted it.

6 thoughts on “Rory’s Friday Foursome

  1. Marleen February 22, 2019 / 10:57 pm

    I know these questions are about blogging, but I’m going to answer about life in general. I’d say I like challenges best. An example would be taking a road trip and naming a few television shows from the sixties or seventies and singing the intro music.

    Another example came up yesterday, when I was relating a story at breakfast about a time my mother told a babysitter to go to a store and get some bread — which annoyed the babysitter for a couple reasons. We had to walk (as she wasn’t of age to drive), and this took up a lot of time she had expected to use for homework. Now, my challenge was to remember the name of the store. It was going to bug me if I couldn’t remember. Korvettes. The main thing I ever got from Korvettes was swimming suits, but I would guess my dad got our first colored television from there. We always called the grocery store right next to the department store Korvettes too, but the babysitter didn’t see it that way. We walked all the way there, went through the department store and found no bread and walked back home without any.

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    • Marleen February 23, 2019 / 8:09 am

      The reason I thought of the story about Korvettes (which didn’t begin with having grocery stores but did include grocery stores as the chain grew) is that one of the people with me read the headline of a news story and said a headline like that makes you wonder. Someone famous had run over a person on a freeway… the wonder was why anyone was on the freeway. Hence, I remember the babysitter and myself walking down the freeway.

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