Ursula’s Tell the Story Challenge

3c7d7d43-41eb-40c6-891b-6967924732ccUrsula, An Upturned Soul, offered the drawing above and tagged me to tell the story about it. So here goes.

“I keep having this recurring dream, Doc. I’m trying to balance between two ladders, as if I’m a clown in a circus,” Alex told his therapist. “Each rung on the ladders represents one of life’s challenges, trials, or tribulations. I’m trying to keep moving up the ladders, rung by rung, but my situation is precarious and I fall back down to the ground, at which point I get up, brush myself off, and start, once again, to climb up the from the bottom. But I never make it to the top.”

“I see,” the therapist said.

Alex gave his therapist a questioning look. “You see? That’s all you got? Three hundred bucks an hour and all you have to say is ‘I see’? I want to know what it means. What’s the significance of the two ladders? What’s at the top? Why am I struggling to climb up the rungs? Why do I keep falling? What does the dream mean, Doc?”

“How the hell would I know?” the therapist said. “It’s your dream, not mine. That will be three hundred dollars, please.”

Okay, now, according to the rules for this Tell the Story Challenge, I’m suppose to post a new picture and tag three other bloggers to tell a story about that picture.

So here’s the picture:deebcf03-af0a-4bf2-ae35-523f4bc20a85It’s from Austin Poon at Unsplash.com.

As to tagging three other bloggers, it’s not going to happen. I’ll open it up to any blogger who would like to tell his or her story about this picture.

12 thoughts on “Ursula’s Tell the Story Challenge

  1. leigha66 January 30, 2019 / 8:10 pm

    $300 an hour! Wow, that seems awfully steep Good story though.

    Liked by 1 person

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