SoCS — Too Much Television

For today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Linda G. Hill has given us the word “television.” She asks us to “talk about your favorite show, past, present, or future, or about the apparatus itself.”

I admit it. I watch too much television. But since Trump was elected president in 2016, my viewing habits have changed. I used to watch TV dramas, situation comedies, and, of course, movies, sports, and, occasionally, the news.

Not any more, though. Now I watch cable news most of the time. Sometimes CNN, but mostly MSNBC. And never, ever, ever Fox News.9ae85bb2-61d4-4c27-87bc-d2f52ebeea42 My wife and I, when the news is so damn aggravating that we need a break, will watch HGTV shows, like “House Hunters,” “Property Brothers,” and “Love It or List It.” But at night, it’s Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell.

I think, however, for my own mental health, I need to go back to watching dramas, sitcoms, movies, and sports. Because if I don’t stop watching so much political news, one of these days I’m going get so angry that I might throw the remote control device at my TV and break the screen.eb68267c-5c9b-446a-9f17-7e45fd42596e

8 thoughts on “SoCS — Too Much Television

  1. JoAnna January 19, 2019 / 6:45 am

    Mainstream news gets toxic real fast. It’s the high percentage of bad news. They need to have 50% good news. Or 1/3 bad, 1/3 neutral, and 1/3 good news. I don’t understand why they haven’t put me in charge of this. Sometimes I’ll catch the headlines, leave the room, and then go back in the last 5 minutes for the happy news story at the end. It’s easier to pick and choose looking at news on line.

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  2. Bee Halton January 19, 2019 / 11:50 am

    I so know what you mean: our remote came pretty close to our tv lately… 🙋

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  3. msjadeli January 19, 2019 / 12:31 pm

    It’s a dirty job but SOMEBODY has to pay attention to the circus and report back. I appreciate you doing your duty in staying current. I also could see where your mind would fry if you didn’t take a break from it from time to time.

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  4. JT Twissel January 19, 2019 / 1:58 pm

    I can’t watch the cable news anymore. I binge on movies. Generally very old movies.

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  5. Marilyn Armstrong January 19, 2019 / 7:06 pm

    We’ve gotten serious about streaming shows, mostly from New Zealand and Australia, but also Canada and Great Britain. Garry has totally lost it over the news. He watches about an hour of it — usually on CNN and another half hour on NBC or CBS — and that’s all he can stand because HE will put the remote through the screen. He’s really steamed.

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