JusJoJan — We are the Champions of the World

Okay, I screwed up “bigly.” You see, when I saw Linda G. Hill’s post for the Just Jot It January prompt for January 18 in my Reader, it was around 11:15 at night (my time) on January 17. That’s usually about the time I go to sleep. So I was in my bed on my iPhone when I saw that today’s word, which was suggested by Di, over at Pensitivity101, was “companionship.” Unfortunately, my old, tired eyes saw the word Di suggested as “championship.” Yeah, I know. Anyway, I spent the next half hour or so writing this post based upon the word “championship” instead of the word “companionship:

I’m lucky.

My favorite baseball team in the Boston Red Sox.40d9525d-8abb-46cb-88f4-df908519ad22My favorite football team is the New England Patriots.41b7a3c2-36fa-47b6-b5fa-8b0e2e2a6dcbMy favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors.56439fff-833c-47c0-ac5c-ed8094bb3eacMy favorite hockey team is…wait, I don’t follow hockey.

But my point is that my favorite teams have all had championship seasons in their respective sports in recent years. And that makes me very happy.

Okay, so I didn’t want to trash what I’d already written, and, at almost midnight, it was too late for me to start writing another whole post. Hence I decided to just go with what I had already written for my daily jot based upon the word “championship.” But to make sure that I managed to get Di’s actual word, “companionship” into today’s jot, I’ll add this one sentence:

It’s always more fun to watch your team win a championship when you have some good friends over for companionship. 


13 thoughts on “JusJoJan — We are the Champions of the World

  1. Marleen January 20, 2019 / 11:55 am

    I imagine you’re excited about the game today! We have people on both sides.

    Liked by 1 person

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