Insider Information

3d014dea-3277-47de-b800-d26271ec024f“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Darren said. If we dont jump on this, we’ll be frozen out of the deal.”

“You know, Darren, if you had a shard of integrity, you’d want us to walk away from this deal,” Henry said. “It’s an onerous path that the team would have to follow in order for us to see any kind of decent return on our investment.”

“Listen, I’ve got sound information from a source on the inside that the company is on the cusp of being awarded a big government contract from the EPA,” Darren said.

“Who’s your source?” Henry asked.

I can’t give you his name, but believe me, he’s an individual who can be trusted,” Darren said. Trust me, Henry, this deal will make us a bundle.”

*****Three weeks later*****

Henry ran into Darren’s office holding the newspaper. “Did you see this? The government is on shutdown. All contracting processes, including those at the EPA, have been suspended indefinitely.”

“Yeah, my source called me about an hour ago,” Darren said. “He told me that all bets are off.”

“Great, just great,” Henry said. “Do you know what this does to our bottom line? It’s like taking an uppercut to our financial chin from Floyd Mayweather. Do me a favor, Darren. The next time you get some insider information from a so-called reliable source, don’t come to me with it.”

Written for these one-word prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (opportunity), Nova’s Daily Random Word (frozen), Ragtag Daily Prompt (shard), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (onerous), Daily Addictions (individual), and Word of the Day Challenge (uppercut).

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