JusJoJan — Flue Season

8cd89527-9257-4dd3-8618-0e1c19ed28f4“Barry just flew in from the west coast,” Nancy told her mother on the phone, “and he has the flu.”

“Oh that’s awful,” Nancy’s mother said. “Well it is flu season. Does he have a fever?”

“Yes, and a sore throat and the chills too,” Nancy said. “I’m going to give him a cup of hot Theraflu with some honey in it to drink. Then I’m going to wrap him with a blanket and sit with him, the poor man, in front of the fire.”

“Don’t forget to open the flue, dear,” her mother said. “Do you remember when you father, rest his soul, almost burned down the house because he started a fire and forgot to open the flue?”

“Um, Mom,” Nancy said, “how many times do I have to tell you that we have a ventless gas fireplace? There is no flue.”

Written for today’s Just Jot It January prompt from Linda G. Hill. Today’s prompt words are “flew/flu/flue” and were suggested by M. Oniker over at WTF Am I On About Now? Click here to find her most recent post.

MLMM Tale Weaver — Be Careful What You Wish For

5e7192d9-6efa-47e0-97b9-c5a625aead0c“If I were you, I’d stay away from her. She’s trouble,” Chris advised his friend.

“But, dude, she’s gorgeous and she’s available,” Andrew said. “Look at this photograph of her on Instagram.”

“Yeah, I know she’s hot,” Chris admitted, “but I know a guy who went out with her for a while. You’ll be working overtime to try to keep her happy.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Just look at her Facebook page,” Chris said. “She’s been zigzaging all over the freakin’ globe for the past two years.”

“So what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” Andrew asked. “What are you hoping to accomplish by telling me this?”

“Oh jeez, man,” Chris said. “Do I need to spell it out for you. Do I need to write you a letter?”

“No, but I just want to know why you are so down on this girl, dude,” Andrew said.

“I’m just saying, Andrew, that you need to be careful what you wish for.” Chris said. “That chick is ultra high maintenance.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Tale Weaver prompt where the topic is “maintenance.” Also for these one-word prompts: Your Daily Word Prompt (photograph),  Michael’s Writing Prompts (overtime), Daily Addictions (zigzag), Nova’s Daily Random Word (globe), Word of the Day Challenge (accomplish), and Ragtag Daily Prompt (letter.)

Enmity Toward the Press

0bcfb788-a484-4d91-8e3e-f7faf0c722cdHe calls the stories in newspapers, magazines, and on TV about him “fake news. He refers to the free press as “the enemy of the people.”

But in a way, I understand Donald Trump’s enmity toward the press. After all, they call out his lies, they fact check his “alternative facts,” and they demonstrate just how unhinged, unfit, and unqualified he is to hold the office of President of the United States.

By printing what he says and does, by video taping his own words, by counting his lies, and by documenting his misstatements and fabrications, the press is demonstrating the depth of his narcissism, his lack of knowledge, his inability to be empathetic, and his moronic delusions.

By quoting him, the press is showing that he has an inability to construct cohesive sentences, which is not surprising, given the clearly chaotic way his mind works.

Unfortunately and inexplicably, about 40% of American voters hang on his every word and believe every lie that escapes his lips. Apparently, if they even watch news, it’s only Fox News. And if they even read newspapers, it’s only conservative newspapers.

So the master of the con continues to carry on and we just have to hope that the press will continue to do the job that the Republicans in Congress seem to be unable and unwilling to do: keep the president in check for the good of the country.

Written for the benefit of America and for my one-word challenge (enmity).

Another Mystery

a2190be1-125c-40b7-a810-e300884555d1Laura Venturini, who blogs at Lauravent69, was gracious enough to nominate me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Woo hoo!

I don’t follow all of the rules imposed by these blogging awards, but I do thank the blogger who nominated me, and I do answer the questions posed by that blogger. So thank you Laura. Here are my answers to your questions.

What is your favorite wildlife animal?

King of the jungle — the lion.a73f2af0-143e-4ff7-ad4d-fe00e212d63e

How long have you been blogging?

I started this blog in May 2017, but as I explained here, I started my first blog in October 2005.

Share something funny that you have had happen in life.

I once won the first prize in a karaoke contest. Why is that funny? Because I can’t carry a tune if my life depended upon it. I think I won it because the judges took pity on me. Either that or it was as a gag.

Your favorite blog that might not have received a lot of attention.

Hmm. I’m not sure if this means my favorite post on MY blog that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, or if it means my favorite blog by another blogger who hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. In the case of my favorite post on my blog that hasn’t gotten much attention, I can’t choose. It would probably have to be something from May or June of 2017 when I first started this blog. None of my posts got much attention back then.

As to a favorite blog by another blogger that hasn’t gotten much attention, I don’t know, since every blog that gets my attention is worthy. I have recently come across a blog by Ursula, An Upturned Soul, that is really fascinating, but her blog probably gets a lot of attention, as she writes very provocative posts. THIS is one example.

Favorite blog by a fellow blogger.

I follow about 170 blogs and I follow them because they are all wonderful blogs written by very creative, ingenious, and interesting bloggers. So I’m sorry, but I can’t say that I have just one favorite blog.

#writephoto — Heritage

2142471b-500f-4489-bbb7-15e0f3631cb6Phoebe was excited when the envelope arrived. Having been adopted when she was just a baby, she knew nothing about her heritage. She dearly loved the couple who adopted her, and they were the only parents she ever knew, but once she turned 25, the void in her life, that of finding her roots, had to be addressed. It was an itch that she knew had to be scratched.

It took nearly four months, but the envelope from the DNA testing service Phoebe had engaged finally was delivered. Her hands were actually trembling as she carefully opened the envelope and read the report.

456459cc-6aaf-443e-b38c-11d398393fffWhen she saw that her heritage was 90% Scottish, it both shocked and excited Phoebe. She decided that she needed to dig deeper and to investigate her family tree. Did she come from peasant stock, the working class, or maybe even the aristocracy? Phoebe had to know; she became obsessed with learning more of her heritage. She paid more money to the DNA testing service and ultimately learned that her ancestry could be traced all the way back to the time of the Scottish king, Robert I, popularly known as Robert the Bruce.

That’s when Phoebe took a leave of absence from her job and flew to Scotland to find out even more. She spent two months going deeper and deeper into her family’s history. It ultimately led her to a cemetery where she came across an old stone sarcophagus carved in the shape of a warrior knight. This knight, who had fought bravely in battle along side Robert the Bruce, was distantly related to her historic clan.

Phoebe was so overcome with emotions when she discovered the location of her most distant relative that she came back the next day and placed a single red rose across the sarcophagus, along with a handwritten note that read, “In memory of a loyal knight of the House of Bruce who gave his life for his king in July 1314.”

Shortly thereafter, Phoebe flew home and told her adoptive parents of her discovery, and then hugged them both, thanking them profusely for their love and care.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.