Laura’s Eleven Questions

5A9397E2-669F-4355-91C4-A7423FE209EELaura, over at Riddle From the Middle, was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. She diligently answered the questions the blogger who nominated her asked. But then, in a major act of defiance, she posed her own eleven questions and wrote, “I’m gonna break the first part of rule #3 (screw you, rule number three!!) and invite anyone reading this to join in the fun.”

And so, I am ready to join the fun. Are you ready, too?

1. Close your eyes and picture yourself – what age are you?

When I close my eyes I rarely picture myself, but when I dream, the me I see is usually a much younger me, perhaps in my 20s or 30s.

2. What’s the weirdest thing we’ll find in the bottom of your purse/tucked in the back of your wallet?

A year old MegaMillions lottery ticket where I won $4 but have been too lazy to cash.

3. You show up for an appointment and are told it will be ten minutes. There are chairs but no reading material for waiting. What do you do for those ten minutes?

That’s easy. I open up the WordPress app on my iPhone and start reading posts by other bloggers in my Reader.9B84455E-6354-40E6-8864-A90478145EE4

4. Are you a run-into-the-burning-building or a call-911-and-take-care-of-the-people-outside sort of person?

I’m a run the other way sort of person.1B849F61-3F8E-4C14-B602-E3DED14BB1EA

5. What’s your sharpest memory from childhood? How old are you in it?

My mother sitting me on the living room floor, turning on the small, black & white TV (maybe a 9” screen housed inside of a console made to look like a piece of furniture) and turning on the Howdy Doody Show. I have no idea how old I was, maybe 18 months.1A1A7CDE-5BFA-4067-8BBD-E31106392A38

6. What is your very first blog post about? (Go on. Link it. You know you want to.)

My first post, published on October 5, 2005, was a whiny lament about how the second basement for the Boston Red Sox made an error that cost the Red Sox the game. And it was a playoff game, too! I can’t link to it because the blog no longer exists in cyberspace.First Post

7. How would it affect the people around you if you fell into a one week coma? (Seriously. Take a minute and think about how you touch other people’s lives in a day.)

My wife would probably get a week’s worth of I interrupted sleep at night because she wouldn’t be woken up by my loud snoring. (Or so she claims.)

8. You can fill ten strangers’ gas tanks or pay for ten strangers’ checkout at the grocery store. Which do you choose and why?

I’d choose paying for groceries because people can survive without driving, but not without food.

9. How do you deal with privacy issues (for you, for your friends and family) on your blog?

I blog anonymously, never use my wife’s or kids’ real names, and don’t have any photos of them or me on my blog.

10. Tell us about someone who knocked your socks off this year. Who are they and what made them special?

This year? Wow. I don’t know that anyone in particular knocked my socks off  this year. Maybe I’ll opt to say that all of the bloggers who have embraced and participated in my daily FOWC With Fandango one-word challenge that I started on June 1st after WordPress abandoned its daily prompt have knocked my socks off. The response has far exceeded my expectations. So to all of you who play along each day, you are very special to me. Thanks.

11. Name something you’ll never do again, something you wish you could try, and something you’ve done that you wish you could do all the time.

  • Never do again: get married, since I’m already married and plan to stay married.
  • Wish I could try: fly like an eagle.
  • Wish I could do all the time: write.

12 thoughts on “Laura’s Eleven Questions

  1. Laura December 6, 2018 / 4:01 pm

    You are my Very First Question Answerer and that should win you your own special bloggy prize for being awesome. And “fly like an eagle” is epic. Thanks for playing!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. All About Life December 7, 2018 / 4:27 am

    Great questions and super answers – especially number 4 – that really made me chuckle :O) x

    Liked by 1 person

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