Yes, Even More Q&A

Ursula, at An Upturned Soul, got nominated for the Liebster Award and she was kind enough to include my blog among her nominations. She wrote, “I’ve only just started following Fandango (that’s his real name, yes it is, just check out his Who Am I? on his blog… I think he’s a he, I’m never sure about these things especially online as gender was not something I thought about until someone at some point pointed out that I was this thing known as a she and even then it didn’t seem to matter… wtf am I talking about or more to the point what was I saying before I went off on this tangent), and I’ve noticed that he (I’m going with he) often borrows the questions in the blog award nominations posts of others, so I thought he should be given a blog award nomination of his own because I’d like to see what he does with it. He also is a Blogging Community supporter and does a Word of the Day. Thank you, Fandango, for Fandangoing!

First, thank you, Ursula, for the nomination and for your very kind words. Your gut, by the way, was right, I am a “he.” And thank you, too, for creating a new verb, “Fandangoing.” I love it.

Of course, all blog award nominations come with questions crafted by the recipient that he or she poses to his or her nominees. So here are Ursula’s questions and my answers.

  1. What question are you always hoping someone would ask you about yourself? What is it about you, Fandango, that makes you so brilliant?
  2. If you could come from anywhere in the world, where would that be and why? (And yes, you can say your actual place of origin if you’d like.) I’m a first generation American and I couldn’t be any more pleased than to have been born in the United States. Although with Donald Trump as president, I am thinking maybe Canada. 
  3. What always keeps happening to you? I keep changing lanes on the freeway to one that inevitably is slower than the one from which I just changed.ABDEE7DF-59E1-4E33-AD52-4023253AD6C8
  4. How would you describe yourself to someone who couldn’t see you and would see you as you wanted to be seen? Retired, old, liberal, proud, pragmatic, practical, thoughtful, provocative, and boring.
  5. Did you find what you were looking for? I’ll let you know when I find it.9B09451B-D188-4B89-B174-B1BD38BF4C04
  6. Does a person’s name influence the person they become? I don’t think I’d be a different person if I had a different name. Fandango suits me.
  7. Does a person’s blog name influence the blogger they become and the posts they write? My blog’s name “,” reflects the fact that this is the fifth iteration of blogging for me. My blogging style has, of course, evolved since I first started blogging in 2005, but I don’t think the name of my blog has influenced my content. And, while “Fandango,” is my blogger name, as I blog anonymously, I used pseudonyms for all of my previous four blogs, although different pseudonyms.D6AFB530-AB93-44CC-A5EF-570C75C6B93A
  8. What is the question you always want to ask people but never do? I can’t think of any question I’ve never asked. Hmm. Maybe something like “How different are you in the real world from the person you present yourself to be on your blog?” 

Okay. Your turn.

8 thoughts on “Yes, Even More Q&A

  1. Sadje November 7, 2018 / 2:42 pm

    Lively bunch of answers. Never mundane or boring! Thanks for sharing

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  2. Marleen November 7, 2018 / 4:51 pm

    So, what is it about you, Fandango, that makes you so brilliant?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fandango November 7, 2018 / 4:54 pm

      Ha. An excellent question, Marleen.


  3. Sight11 November 7, 2018 / 7:46 pm

    Me the same old as I’m here, You will want to kick me in real life too….

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  4. anupturnedsoul November 7, 2018 / 11:47 pm

    Thank you, Fandango, for joining in 🙂 Loved what you did with it, and enjoyed reading your answers!

    I like your Q: “How different are you in the real world from the person you present yourself to be on your blog?”

    My A to that: How I am on my blog is what goes on inside my mind, my posts are conversations with myself. I don’t usually share those internal meanderings with people in RL because it’s not relevant, useful, or helpful. The times that I do talk in RL like I do online tends to leave people with glazed eyes and fried brains. And with glazed eyes and a fried brain they can’t figure out how to get away from me, they just keep falling over and bumping into walls 😉

    I’m less shy online than I am in person. Took me a while to be less shy, I used to be a lurker. Then someone gave me a Twitter account as an X-mas gift – I thought they were mad, but then it unleashed my madness 😀

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