Eleven More Questions

Okay, I had a brain fart. This post originally gave credit to Rory, from A Guy Called Bloke, as having been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. My bad. It was actually Kristian, from Tales From the Mind of Kristian, who received the coveted Sunshine Blogger Award nomination. So now that I’ve corrected the record, let’s proceed.

And as is custom, Kristian came up with eleven questions he posed to the eleven bloggers he nominated. Of course, I was not among the eleven, but it’s a free country, right? (Well, it used to be before Trump, anyway.) So I’m going to go ahead and answer Kristian’s questions even though I wasn’t invited to.

  1. Do you like Halloween? I can take it or leave it.
  2. What method of murder do you most like to see in films/movies? Clever, intellectual murders. I don’t like slasher movies or movies with blood, guts, and gore.
  3. Horror or Comedy? Comedy. Although comedic horror movies like “Beetlejuice” and “Young Frankenstein” are two of my favorite movies.1923A1B9-AABE-4F26-A8D7-27DB4A9760D3
  4. What’s your favorite thing to do with a pumpkin? Smash them. I am not a fan of anything pumpkin — spice, pie, seeds, whatever. I will admit, though, that when my kids were young, we used to carve pumpkins for Halloween. And that was fun.A250D068-E884-468E-B457-B835D421C9B1
  5. If you could choose between ruling the world or living in paradise, which would you choose? Paradise. 
  6. What human trait do you like the most? Sincerity.
  7. Which human trait do you dislike the most? Insincerity, duh!
  8. If we discovered an inhabitable planet and had the option to start a new life there, would you? Were I a younger man with most of my life ahead of me, sure. But being an old guy who will die long before, due to unchecked climate change, our planet will no longer be able to support human life, I’ll pass on starting a new life on another planet.
  9. Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, have you had an experience you’d like to share? No.
  10. Have you ever had a recurring Nightmare? Share it with us, if so. Yes. Click here to find out about them.
  11. If you had to remove either Halloween or Christmas from the calendar so no one could celebrate it ever again, which would you choose? Neither. Why would anyone want to take away anyone’s holidays, even if you don’t celebrate them themselves? Sheesh!

12 thoughts on “Eleven More Questions

    • Fandango October 27, 2018 / 12:13 pm

      I just realized that. I have since updated my post. I blame a lack of coffee and feeling a bit under the weather. And Donald Trump, because I blame him for everything bad.

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  1. Sadje October 27, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Always enjoy reading your post. The answers are really spontaneous and funny. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Sadje October 27, 2018 / 12:44 pm

    I nominated you for the Liebster award. Though it is for new bloggers, I nominated you because you are so inspiring for us new people. I know that you have a large following . So hope you will take up the questions. 😃

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong October 27, 2018 / 4:19 pm

    My favorite murder is when they find the corpse already dead, nead, without much blood. OR they just talk about the murder.

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  4. Marleen October 27, 2018 / 9:28 pm

    1) No.

    2) I like when the bad guy finally gets it [if he’s really a bad guy] — like the bad dad (who killed the female gunslinger’s dad when she was little) in “The Quick and the Dead” and like the “not ape,” [spoiler alert] Koba. Actually, that’s not murder.

    3) Comedy!

    4) I cooked a chicken stew from scratch in a pumpkin once. It was yummy. (I’ve lost the cookbook.) I’ve made many pies from scratch. My favorite has to be fresh, home-roasted pumpkin seeds… because my dad did that. (He also fried mushrooms he’d found on a walk.)

    5) Paradise.

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    • Marleen October 30, 2018 / 3:24 pm

      I looked up this movie on youtube, today, and found that there is an earlier movie (prior decade) by the same name (which I don’t think is the same story). So, to be clear, this is the one I was referring to above (would be my favorite movie without The Matrix):

      Lady is The Winner (The Quick and The Dead movie).


  5. Sight11 October 27, 2018 / 9:40 pm

    You know people say that they love sincerity, actually they don’t especially when their money is involved..

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