3TC — Put Out To Pasture

1E920CF7-01AD-4C2A-B810-3B706A500F52My boss called me into his office. “Have a seat, Matt,” he said, pointing to the chair opposite his desk. “Matt, we need to discuss your retirement.”

I was shocked. Sure, I was probably the oldest guy on the sales team, but I still had plenty of good years ahead of me. “Are you serious, Al? I asked. “Are you putting me out to pasture?”

“Face it, Matt,” he said. “This is a hard, thankless job. We need young, aggressive go-getters. You, my friend, are a dinosaur.”

“A dinosaur?” I said indignantly. “Al, my numbers are always near the top. I’m consistently one of your top performers.”

“The world is shifting rapidly, Matt,” he said. “The old ways just don’t cut it anymore. We have to come up with radical changes to the way we do things. We need to leverage the latest, greatest technologies to give us the edge.”

“So you’re firing me?” I said.

“No, Matt,” he said. “I’m retiring you. But don’t worry, my friend. We’re going to throw you one hell of a farewell party and you’ll get some great parting gifts.”

Written for Teresa’s final Three Things Challenge, where the three things are farewell, retirement, and pasture. Teresa is retiring her Three Things Challenge prompt after today. Farewell 3TC! And for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (radical).

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