3TC — Patriotic Outfit

8C682391-0999-44EC-BB16-0CDC30D19A5B“Oh, honey, that’s such an honor,” Martin’s mother said when he told her that he’d been picked to hold the flag at his third grade class assembly.

Anna’s excitement abated, though, when Martin told her that he wanted to wear his favorite long johns to the assembly. She didn’t say anything to Martin at the time, but when her husband, Mitch, came home from work, she told him about Martin’s request.

Mitch cracked up when Anna told him what Martin wanted to wear to the assembly. “I think we should let him,” he said, much to his wife’s horror.

“Are you serious?” Anna said. “There’s no way I’m going to let him wear those long johns outside, much less at a school assembly. And if you don’t back me on this, Mitch, we’re going to wind up having a major flap over it.”

“What is there to argue about, Anna?” Mitch asked. “I mean is there anything that would be more patriotic than the boy wearing his red MAGA long johns while holding up the Stars and Stripes?”

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge where the three things are flap, long johns, and stripes.

Armed and Dangerous

6B573425-B8E4-4432-91C8-0269AA04BD42A foreshadowing of things to come?

I’ve been concerned for many months that, were something to happen to Donald Trump, from indictment to impeachment, violence on the part of his ardent supporters will ensue.

At the risk of sounding a bit over dramatic, we may be standing at the precipice of a new American civil war.

Vladimir Putin must be licking his chops.

Draw Me

Arlene sat in her eleventh grade Art Appreciation class. She was taking copious notes, as she usually did for that class. Unlike many of her fellow students, she didn’t enroll in the elective course simply in order to get an easy A.

Deep down inside, Arlene felt that she was a great, albeit misunderstood, artist. Most people didn’t “get” her work. They didn’t seem to comprehend her overriding theme, which was the human condition. She couldn’t figure out why people didn’t appreciate what she was trying to say.

Arlene knew herself well enough to know that she had a fragile ego. But she also knew that in order for her to move forward, she couldn’t afford to gloss over the feedback she had received from her friends, family, and teachers. So Arlene decided that she needed to make her sketches a little more relatable. She needed to hone her God-given skills and prove herself to her doubters.

When she got home after class that day, Arlene took out a piece of her finest linen paper, opened up her palette of colored pencils. She picked out a neutral charcoal color, and began meticulously copying the image she saw on the page of her favorite fashion magazine.A98FBD2E-156D-4BA9-AB5C-2433192B6120

Written for the following one-word prompts: Ragtag Daily Prompt (copious), Daily Addictions (theme), Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (fragile), Word of the Day Challenge (gloss), Your Daily Word Prompt (palette), and Scotts Daily Prompt (neutral).

Share Your World — Coffee, Tea, or Milk


Melanie is celebrating her third week of hosting Share Your World since taking over from Cee Neuner. Melanie has posted the following SYW questions:

What Is your favorite beverage?

I don’t know that it’s my “favorite” beverage, but it’s mandatory two to three times a day: coffee.

What is your interpretation of “The Golden Rule”? Are there ramifications to breaking it?

Call me a cynic, but it’s “do unto others before they do unto you.” No, just kidding. Ramifications? Well, what goes around comes around, I suppose.

Sunrise person or sunset person?

When I lived on the east coast, it was sunrise. Now that I live on the west coast, it’s sunset.

Do people in modern society anthropomorphize animals too much?

Yes, except for my dog and cat, who are more human than most people I know.

What were you grateful for during the past week?

After a cool and mostly foggy, cloudy August, it was nice to see the sun shining again. Last week was sunny every day. And this week’s forecast calls for more of the same.

“One Word” of Appreciation

B6287C60-BD79-408A-B77E-8F3C19A0B419When WordPress announced at the end of May that it was dropping its one-word daily prompt, I was disappointed. So I decided to start my own one-word daily prompt, FOWC With Fandango, on June 1st.

Of course, I wasn’t the only blogger to come up with that brilliant idea. There are at least five other bloggers (or teams of bloggers) who have jumped in and started posting daily one-word prompts. These include the team from the Word of the Day Challenge, the Ragtag Daily Prompt team, Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt, Scott Bailey’s Scotts Daily Prompt, and Roger Shipp’s Daily Addictions.

I decided a little while ago to support all of these other bloggers by incorporating their one-word prompts into my posts. And I’ve been having a blast turning the five daily one-word prompts from these other bloggers, along with my own one-word prompt, into single posts that use all six word prompts.

It’s a challenge because I never know until the day arrives, what the words are going to be. Yes, even on my own one-word prompt. I create and schedule them up to two weeks in advance and, because my memory sucks, by the time my daily FOWC With Fandango prompts post, I’m as surprised as just about everyone else.

But I’m having so much fun working with these prompts and I want to sincerely and genuinely thank those other brave bloggers who are offering up these challenges to the blogosphere. Believe me, I know how much work it takes to make it happen day in, day out seven days a week.

I hope I’ve been able to craft together cohesive posts using these six prompts and I hope all of you who also participate in my prompt, as well as the others I’ve mentioned, are having as much fun as I am.