Time for an “I’m Spartacus” Moment

Donald Trump has allegedly gone “volcanic” since the New York Times published the anonymous op-ed piece last week. The essay was apparently written by a “senior official in the Trump administration,” and Trump has allegedly been pulling out all the stops trying to identify who the “treasonous” insider is. He’s even directed his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, in the name of “national security,” to have the Department of Justice investigate who the culprit was.

Of course, Trump’s senior staff members are falling all over themselves to deny having anything to do with the op-ed piece.

As I wrote in this post, I have mixed feelings about the publishing of the op-ed piece anonymously. If someone knows that our president is amoral and an idiot, shouldn’t they have the balls to stand up and be counted, even if it costs him or her their job?

Just imagine there being an I’m Spartacus moment in the White House, where each member of Trump’s inner circle would, one after the other, stand and declare, “I’m the author.”

Of course, that’s not going to happen. Those who are close to Trump, including nearly all Congressional Republicans, have demonstrated that they lack spine.

Still, one can fantasize, can’t one?

6 thoughts on “Time for an “I’m Spartacus” Moment

  1. Sight11 September 9, 2018 / 4:46 pm

    Knowing what happened to Spartacus they will definitely be quite..


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