He Almost Bit My Head Off

A2610A27-4F4A-4BF3-8582-4298793211DF“Can I ask you a question?” my daughter asked.

First of all,” I said, “it’s may I ask you a question. And secondly, of course you may.

“Why do you get so angry whenever you hear the dog next door bark?” she asked. “Why do you let his barking torment you?”

“It’s not just the incessant barking,” I answered. “That dog is vicious. It has already attacked and bitten other dogs in the neighborhood and, while I’m not one to create controversy, I’m seriously tempted to call animal control and authorize them to come out and haul that monster dog away.”

“Before you do that,” my daughter suggested, “you should try talking to him.”

“I did try, but he almost bit my head off,” I said.

“Dad,” my daughter said, shaking her head, “I’m talking about talking to your neighbor, the dog’s owner, not to the dog.”

Written for these prompts: Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (question), Ragtag Daily Prompt (bark), Your Daily Word Prompt (authorize), Word of the Day Challenge (torment), Scotts Daily Prompt (first), and Daily Addictions (controversy).

7 thoughts on “He Almost Bit My Head Off

  1. James Pyles September 6, 2018 / 9:55 am

    I had this problem with a neighbor, not that the dogs were vicious, but they’d bark at all hours keeping me awake. I did have to go over once to complain and my neighbor put the dogs in their garage for the night. They actually belonged to my neighbor’s son, and when he finally bought a house of his own, he moved out and the dogs with him. Happy dance.

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