A Question of Balance

F5504A16-665F-4DAB-8B88-73B1FFD0707ETina was struggling to find balance in her life. She had great ambition and felt compelled to work hard, even though much of what she was tasked to do seemed to be activity for the sake of keeping busy. But she handled it all with great sangfroid.

She hated when her friends would pontificate, telling her that she needed to focus on things other than her work. What a nuisance they were. She also hated it when they called her “Tenacious-T,” a sobriquet they’d come up with for her.

But her job was one that could, at times, captivate her imagination. So screw them all. They just didn’t get it. Let them twitter their lives away. She was going to devote herself to her job so she could achieve great success and be able to afford the finer things in life.

Balance in her life? Ha! And who needs friends, anyway?

Written for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge (balance), Daily Addictions (ambition), Scott’s Daily Prompt (activity), Mws R Writings Word of the Day (sangfroid), Word of the Day Challenge (pontificate), Weekly Prompts (nuisance), Ragtag Daily Prompt (sobriquet), and Your Daily Word Prompt (captivate).

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