Father Outlaw

BF6A98C8-7823-4480-829A-A6E54B1E14E2“Damn,” Dan said after hanging up the phone. “Hon, I gotta go. I should be back in a few hours.”

“What’s up, Dan?” Judy asked.

“That was Ted, my father outlaw,” Dan explained to his new fiancé. “He wants to talk about something.”

“Your father outlaw? What’s that?”

“Ted is Elaine’s father,” Dan said. “When she and I were still married, he was my father-in-law, but now that she and I are divorced, he’s my father outlaw. Get it?”

(79 words, exactly)

Written for this week’s Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammi Cox. The prompt is “outlaw,” and the post must be exactly 79 words.

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