Presidential Flag Foibles

7F30F6C5-753F-415C-8826-AE9A7A0F53DFThis morning, breaking with the tradition of flying the flag at the White House at half-staff upon the death of a sitting U.S. Senator through the senator’s burial, Donald Trump ordered that the flag flying over the White House be raised to full staff.

This did not go over well, particularly with veterans. American Legion National Commander Denise Rohan wrote a letter to Trump earlier today in which she said, “The American Legion urges the White House to follow long-established protocol following the death of prominent government officials.”

Rohan’s letter continued, “On the behalf of The American Legion’s two million wartime veterans, I strongly urge you to make an appropriate presidential proclamation noting Senator McCain’s death and legacy of service to our nation, and that our nation’s flag be half-staffed through his internment.”

A few hours later, Donald Trump released a statement saying, “Despite our differences on policy and politics, I respect Senator John McCain’s service to our country and, in his honor, have signed a proclamation to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff until the day of his interment.”

Hmm. The wording of Trump’s statement is eerily similar to that of Denise Rohan’s letter, isn’t it.

It took significant pressure from a group representing U.S. veterans and even members of his own party in Congress to get Trump to do the right and decent thing. And yet some recent polls have shown Trump to have 90% approval rating among Republicans.

Seriously, Republicans?

Modern Women

EA25F621-63E3-4911-8AAA-E99B92B91E05“You and your precious marine,” Elizabeth said. “We had big plans, important plans, but then you go and meet that damn soldier of fortune to take you on some strange coddiwomple to who knows where.”

“Oh Elizabeth, don’t be ridiculous,” Susan said. “We can still carry out our plans. There is no interrelationship between my trip with him and our mission. It will just have to wait until after ‘my precious marine,’ as you call him, and I get back.”

“But Susan,” Elizabeth said, “You’ve always been the epitome of rectitude, a woman of unquestionable moral character. How can you go off traveling with some man you just met?”

“Oh come now, Elizabeth,” Susan said. “It’s the 1860s. We are modern women, are we not?”

“Modern women?” Claudia said. “We women don’t even have right to vote. You call that modern?”

“Elizabeth, are we not women of ingenuity?” Susan asked. “As sure as my name is Susan B. Anthony, you, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and I will form the National Woman Suffrage Association. I promise you that we will eventually achieve voting rights for women by means of a Congressional amendment to the Constitution.”

“Okay, Susan,” Elizabeth said. “Just don’t let your precious marine impregnate you on your coddiwomple.”

Written for the following daily prompts:

3TC — In Perfect Harmony

9E2BB461-A424-4BA8-BB32-FFC4F1FAA965So a priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar. Naturally, everyone in the bar turned to look at the strange sight. Even the bartender stood as still as a statue staring at the three clergymen.

The trio walked to the back of the bar, where there was a small stage. The rabbi opened up a case and pulled out a violin. The priest set up a small, electronic keyboard. The imam removed a saxophone from his satchel.

Not a sound could be heard from the other patrons in the bar. Everyone was staring at the three men on the stage, waiting to see what was going to happen. And then the clergymen began to sing.

“I’d like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I’d like to buy the world a drink
And keep it company
That’s the real thing.”

“The next round’s on us!” the three shouted in unison, to the raucous cheers of the bar’s patrons.

Written for today’s Three Things Challenge, where the things are statue, priest, and violin.

And Then There Was This

90BC03AE-42DC-42CF-ADB2-6B3C48D3832CEarlier today I published a post, “Rally Fatigue,” in which I lamented that people seem to have grown weary of attending anti-Trump rallies and protest marches. And it’s hard not to feel fatigued, since the despicable moron in the Oval Office gives us reason after reason to go to protest rallies and marches.

Just today the vindictive ignoramous demanded that American flags not be flown at half staff to honor the passing of John McCain. Traditionally, sitting senators who die in office have flags lowered in their honor from date of death until burial. How pathetic, thin-skinned, self-centered, and low-class can “our” president be?

One blogger, some dude who calls himself Jonolan, apparently feels a little different when it comes to those who rally against our asshole-in-chief. He graced my post with this comment:

“Yep. it sucks. I kept hoping that they’d grow and escalate so as to give Americans and OUR President the excuse to gun them down en mass as a matter of national security.

And yeah, you ‘wife’ would look so much better with a bullet hole through her nasty face, just like any other domestic enemy of the American people.”

My blogging buddy, Marilyn Armstrong, responded to that comment. She wrote:

“Ban Jonolan. Anyone who threatens you with a bullet in the face, ban him from your sight and REPORT HIM TO WORDPRESS. Don’t mess around with them. They aren’t cute or funny and ignoring them is a good way to wind up dead.”

I’ve decided not to ban him. Instead  I want to keep his comment there to remind me that Hillary was right all along when she said that half of Trump’s supporters belong in a basket of deplorables. Certainly this Jonolan guy is, as I responded in my post to his comment, “one sick puppy.”

Rally Fatigue

I think it was number seven. Perhaps number eight. Or number nine. I don’t know. I’ve lost count.

The first one was the day after the inauguration. My wife wore her knitted pink pussy hat to that one. There were thousands of people there. And then there was the one protesting the Muslim ban. The one protesting the attempt to repeal Obamacare. The one protesting the new tax laws. The one to protest the administration’s assault on women’s reproductive rights. The one to protest the rollback of environmental protections and the denial of science and climate change. And the one to protest the separation of children from their parents who were seeking asylum in the United States.

Yesterday’s rally was to protest the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. There were banners and signs. There was music. There were local politicians and other speakers.

D92F7195-7EF0-400F-9DCC-4D108696118B7BC4450C-8189-4D2A-B98E-C7EEACDEA111AAAC8327-253D-4F3D-A597-B2F7C534F57FThe only thing that was missing were the protesters. Maybe 500 or so people actually showed up at City Hall. Not tens of thousands like there were on January 21, 2017. Not the thousands who protested the Muslim ban, the Obamacare repeal, the tax laws, threats to women’s rights, science and climate change denials, and family separations. Not even close to a thousand people showed up yesterday.

I’ve noticed that with each rally to protest Trump-related actions, the crowd sizes have grown smaller. I don’t think the drop off in participation is because the purposes for the rallies are less important, less critical. I think it’s a case of rally fatigue.

Trump has given us so many reasons to protest and to march and to rally. There new are causes to fight with every passing week and I fear that people are growing tired and numb and frustrated because nothing is changing. So what’s the point?

We can’t get lazy. We can’t give up. We can’t be apathetic. That’s what got us here in the first place.

We must continue to resist, to protest, to rally, to march, to make our voices heard if we don’t want Trumpism to become the new American normal.