#writephoto —The Plan

C5BF9C68-F5DE-47DD-86D3-556F8E8EF439Malcolm slowly walked into the clearing and sat down on the largest of the rock formations, which was encircled by smaller rock outcroppings. It had been several hundred years since he last visited this holy site and he wasn’t sure what kind of reception he would receive in these modern times.

A deep fog descended upon the clearing, so deep that Malcolm could barely see the hand that he held up in front of his face, which vexed him, as he didn’t have time to waste. But as the fog began to dissolve, Malcolm could see visages of the five summoned spirits hovering over each of the outcroppings.

“Why have you assembled us here, Lord?” one of the spirits asked.

“It has been a while since you reached out to us,” another said.

“These are dark days,” Malcolm said. “We must take advantage of these troublesome times in order to carry out our ancient charge.”

“What is your command?” the third spirit queried.

“Yes, Master, what would you have us do?” the fourth asked.

“The human forms are bound and determined to destroy this planet and one another,” Malcolm said. “Having assumed their appearance and having lived amongst them, I have learned the best way of setting things back on the right path.” He beckoned the spirits to hover next to him while he quietly shared his plan.

“Sire, that plan carries great risk,” the fifth spirit said.

“Yes, it does,” Malcolm admitted. “But it’s worth the risk to avoid total annihilation and devastation if we do nothing.”

“Lord,” the five spirits said in unison, “your wish is our command,” before they floated away and disappeared into the night.

Malcolm smiled, stood up, and left the clearing.

Written for these prompts:

19 thoughts on “#writephoto —The Plan

  1. leigha66 August 19, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    What a great way to pull the reader in and leave them wanting more… I want more!

    Liked by 1 person

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