RDP — Duck and Cover

For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt, the word is “duck.” The first thing that came to my mind was the duck that used to drop down whenever a contestant on Groucho Marx’s old TV quiz show, “You Bet Your Life,” said that day’s secret word. And yes, I’m old enough to have watched that show.181EAD1C-33A6-42F9-BFD0-154F267562DCBut then I remembered a post I wrote last August titled “Duck and Cover.” So I decided to conjure up that post and use it to satisfy today’s RDP.

If you’re interested in reading my “Duck and Cover” post, click here.

And if not, perhaps you will enjoy this clip.

#FOWC — Empty Words Empty Promises

874CC013-EEE5-479E-B59A-A9798F78C12CIt had been thirteen days since Sofía had been detained in the compound. And thirteen days since she last saw her daughter, Isabella.

Sofía thought about the difficult and often harrowing journey of the past two month that she and Isabella took, striving to reach the U.S. border to seek asylum from the country that took the lives of her husband and teenage son. Little did she know that she would be treated like a criminal when she got to the border and would have her last remaining child snatched from her arms and taken only God knows where.

Sofía was only thirty, but she felt as though she was suffering from a midlife crisis. She’d experienced horrors in her young life that most women twice her age could not even imagine. And now she was living a waking nightmare, detained in a compound, and separated from her only living child.

Whatever happen to those words of hope carved on a plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty, words that Sofía had committed to memory:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

“Empty words, empty promises,” Sofía thought, the tears of hopelessness and despair streaming down her cheeks.

Written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, where the three things are thirteen, midlife crisis, and past. And for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge, “compound.” And for the Word of the Day Challenge, “striving.”

Saturday Mix — What We Need; What We Have

527DAB7B-5DA6-49F6-BB71-6AB654B39743Today’s Saturday Mix prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is too easy for those of us who are politically aware. We are asked to use unite and divide and hope and hopeless and to craft a post using these two opposing sets of words.

The former President of the United States of America preached a message of hope. His political agenda was to unite all Americans, regardless of race, gender, religion, or nationality, together as a unified populace.

Contrast that to the current President of the United States of America. His message is intended to divide us, not to unify us. His message is not one of hope, but of despair.

As a result, those of us who love our country and our democracy, flawed though it is, are feeling somewhat hopeless.

What we need is unity and hope; what we have is division and despair.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

4E213B32-FB7C-45F1-A256-B30D39BC4EB2At the beginning of this month I downloaded an update to the WordPress app for my iPhone. Unfortunately, as I wrote in this post, there was a bug in the update that prevented me from using the app to “like” other bloggers’ posts from the reader.

When I clicked on “Visit” from within the app’s reader, it took me to the blogger’s post, but the “Like,” “Reblog,” and “Share this” buttons were nowhere to be found. But if I logged into WordPress via the Safari or Chrome browsers on my iPhone or the Chrome browser on my laptop, they were all there.

I opened a support ticket with WordPress and, after explaining the issue and sending multiple screenshots, I was told that the Happiness Engineers were unable to replicate the bug. Too bad, so sad.

Finally, about nine days later, I received an email saying that they had finally replicated the problem. I was pleased to find out that I was neither crazy nor technically incompetent.

That was the good news. The bad news was that the email went on to say, “We can’t promise a time frame for when the team will look at this or how it will be prioritised, that will depend on other projects the team are working on as well as their priorities. It’s on our radar, however!” Sheesh!

Well, I’m pleased to say that this tale of woe has a happy ending. I downloaded the latest update to the WordPress iOS app yesterday and the case of the missing buttons has been fixed!

So, in the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I’m using this post as a way of saying thank you to the Happiness Engineers who — eventually, anyway — fixed the bug.

SoCS — Organ-ized

For today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, Linda G. Hill has asked us to “talk about an organ or base your post on the theme of them…or one.”

Okay, I’ve got to get my mind out of the gutter. I have to admit that the first thing that came to mind was sex organ. But since this a PG-rated blog, I decided to think of other types of organs, like internal organs. You know, livers, kidneys, lungs, hearts (although some might argue that the heart is a muscle and not an organ).

And then I thought about mouth organs, like harmonicas or melodicas. Or pipe organs like you might find in churches. Or calliopes (steam organs) that you might find at circuses or carnivals.

And there are electronic organs and these days even digital organs.

But to my mind, there’s nothing like the organ grinder. No, not the kind you find in a butcher shop to make to make chopped liver. The organ grinder I’m thinking about was an entertainer who played a barrel organ in the streets back in the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. You often found them with little monkeys that were trained to dance around to the sounds coming from the organ.

And that, in a true stream of consciousness mode, led me to the old song by Donovan, “The Hurdy Gurdy Man.”