Goddam Crazy Monkey

FEBF1B01-E7ED-43C2-92DF-7C484E477F37I can’t believe that that goddam monkey, you know, the one that escaped from the zoo back at the end of April, just picked up a goddam brick and threw it right through my car’s goddam windshield.

What did I ever do to that goddam, crazy monkey to deserve that?

This piece of microfiction was written for Teresa’s Three Things Challenge, where the three things are monkey, April, and brick.

14 thoughts on “Goddam Crazy Monkey

    • Fandango July 10, 2018 / 6:49 pm

      I am on Facebook under my real name (not Fandango), but the only people I follow are my two adult kids and Facebook page is private. And who is Rico Kassek?


      • magnoliajem July 10, 2018 / 7:13 pm

        He’s quite a character, who is the Monkey House custodian at the Staten Island Zoo. Big fan of The Cars and The Night Thoughts Podcast, the #1 longest-running podcast about The Cars.

        And don’t get me wrong; I’m not looking to follow you on FB. It’s just that Rico could have written your post (using WAY saltier language). Gotta love him!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. leigha66 July 12, 2018 / 11:33 pm

    LOL… got to watch out for those crazy monkeys!


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