Reblog: 5 facts…is THIS who we are?

Once again, Suze nails it.

suziland too or obsolete childhood

I have engaged in conversation with my two senators from Oklahoma.  Specifically I wanted to see where they stood on the President’s directive to the Immigration and Naturalization Service about greeting asylum seekers at the Mexican/American border then arresting them and taking their children away while the parents are arrested for misdemeanors.

Senator Inhofe repeated Mr. Trump’s absolute lies that “the Law” says we can do it, and the “democrats’ passed this law but won’t change it. No amount of rational discussion changed his attitude that it was perfectly fine to split kids from their parents and then place them in foster homes….eventually.

Senator Lankford allowed that it “wasn’t really a law”, but instead came directly from the White House, but then tried to change the focus from the families to the Democrats being unwilling to engage in discussion.

I called Bullshit to both on their stances.  I can only…

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