Couldn’t have said it better than Suze did in this post.

suziland too or obsolete childhood

I can not stand the continual lies, distortions and made-up-on-the-moment statistics to justify the administration’s horrible policies! I was seriously thinking about throwing a brick at the poor television this afternoon listening to Sarah Huckabee Sanders just plain LIE about immigration laws!

Each and every day she stands in front of intelligent reporters and journalists and baldly LIES.

WHAT the Hell is wrong with her that she thinks this is normal behavior? WHAT THE HELL is wrong with the journalists that they don’t simply say “Why are you Lying?”

This afternoon, Ms Sanders was giving her statements to the press and baldly stated “the Democrats are refusing to change the law” when asked about the immigration policy of TRUMP demanding the separation of families at the border.

Sanders said “We have been asking for them to fix the loopholes and fix the system, but the Democrats refuse to meet with…

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One thought on “nefarious.

  1. Paula Light June 14, 2018 / 6:49 pm

    Does she think ANYONE believes her mouth garbage? Ick. What a vile person, like all the rest of them.

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