#writephoto — Tales From the Crypt

img_1530The tour guide was explaining how these catacombs were once used as dungeons where the king would house enemies of the state and the skeletal remains on display are the actual bones of some of the prisoners.

“Oh, if these bones could talk,” Becky heard an eerie voice say in a hushed whisper.

“Did you hear that?” she said to her twin brother.

“Hear what?” Ben asked.

“Never mind,” Becky said, guessing her sometimes overactive imagination was getting the best of her.

The tour guide led the group to the next display, and as Becky was about to follow, she heard, “The tales they would tell.”

Becky ran up to Ben, who was a few steps ahead of her. “Ben, wait,” she said.

“What now?” Ben asked.

“I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but that skeleton,” she said, pointing to the one they had just passed, “was talking to me.”

“Did you hit the bong before we came on this tour?” Ben asked.

“No, Ben, I’m serious,” Becky said. “It was talking to me, telling me of the tales it could tell if it could talk.”

And then Ben heard the soft, eerie voice. “Oh, if only these bones could talk,” followed by, “The tales they would tell.”

“Holy shit,” he said, grabbing his sister’s hand and pulling her as they ran to catch up with the rest of the tour. When they reached the group, they heard hysterical laughing coming from behind them. The tour guide walked over to them, shaking her head. “I’m so sorry,” she said. Then she called down the hall to the area from which they heard the voice. “Henri, you must stop doing this!”

Ben and Becky looked at one another and back at the tour guide. “My ten-year-old brother, he is such an imp.” she explained. “He hides behind the crypt and then plays his tape recorder to make people think the skeleton is talking. But,” she added, “he only does it to people he likes.”

Written for today’s Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent.

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