W is for Whatchamacallit


“I know words. I have the best words.”

Donald Trump

Like Donald Trump, I’ve always prided myself on my vocabulary. I know a lot of words. But unlike Donald Trump, I know how to spell them and I know what they mean.

Lately, though, I’ve noticed that some of the words that I know I know seem to be harder for me to conjure up when I need them. I’ll be talking to my wife and ask her if she knows where the, um, oh, what’s that thing called? And I’ll end up asking her about the “whatchamacallit.”

And then she’ll ask me “what whatchamacallit?”

And I’ll say, “You know, that doohickey that I use to fix the thingamajig.”

Most of the time, though, she figures out what whatchamacallit, doohickey, and/or thingamajig I am talking about before I remember the right word for whatever it was I was asking about.

I guess that happens after spending forty years under the same roof with whatsername.

11 thoughts on “W is for Whatchamacallit

  1. baddadcartoons101 April 26, 2018 / 7:52 am

    Maybe Trump uses words like good, great, yuge, etc. so he doesn’t wind up forgetting or searching for the word. But Trump’s vocabulary is extremely limited to the point it’s painful to listen to.

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  2. Sight11 April 26, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    So it’s a two way Road, or are you the only one driving alone?

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  3. leigha66 April 28, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    Great choice for W. I am getting that way with my fibro fog … it does help to have someone there who has some clue as to what you are trying to think of.

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