WPC — Make Me Smile

I need to apologize in advance for this post. When this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge called for us to share a photo of something that has brought a moment of joy into our life recently, or to focus on the outcome of that joy, I looked through the photo folder on my iPhone. I found pictures of my wife, kids, and pets, all of which brought smiles to my face and joy to my life.

But then I asked myself what, in these troubled times, would make me smile the most? What could bring me the most joy?

And this is what I found:

224CB3DB-D113-4C02-B5AC-0A4AC6F5BCDDOkay, this is not a photo I took. It is not something that has brought any joy to me yet. But if I were ever to see a picture — a real picture — of Donald Trump behind bars or of him and his despicable family wearing orange prison jump suits, I cannot express to you what a huge smile that would put on my face and how much joy that would bring me.

29508D27-9083-4A7E-9401-C77CE675A50CAnd as far as I’m concerned, it can’t happen soon enough.

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