WPC — Out of This World

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is to “share a photo that takes a familiar scene — a place you frequent, a face you know well, an activity you engage in regularly — and makes it look and feel like something out of this world.”

Alrighty then, let’s give it a go, shall we?

Here is the “otherworldly” photo. Can you tell what it is?
FA0EE9D5-F741-423D-851D-6EC11C0852E7No? How about now?
447CAE0A-F9A1-45B1-928B-72067EE1E05AStill not yet? Maybe this will help.
4CFD685F-8884-417C-952A-504569E4A993Okay, surely you’ll get it now.
AC6332ED-B10D-4FC0-ABC6-0B10678E3787Fine. Here’s the original, unfiltered image. It’s not at all out of this world. It’s just a close up of a gnarly tree trunk.
27685DAB-D508-4702-A7E6-BC665548CE0ADid you get it?

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