Photo Challenge — Anonymous Faces in the Crowd

788C099C-8856-483F-87A1-54A10A14EF00This was an interesting Photo Challenge. We are asked to “create an image that represents being ‘a face in the crowd.’” We are instructed to explore silhouettes, shadows, orientation, and other ways to mask our subjects. “Without facial expression, can you tell how someone is feeling?” the prompt asks. “Without color, does your impression of that person change?”

I don’t know if the photo at the top of this post is cheating or not. It has a face — quite a few, in fact — and there’s a crowd of people. Check, check. I used post-processing to turn the original color photo to black and white. So it’s without color. Check.

But I didn’t use silhouettes, shadows, or orientation to mask my subjects. I used Prisma, a post-processing photo app on my iPhone that “transforms photographs into works of art.” And in that way, I “masked” the faces of my subjects.

As to how the people in the photo are felling, well, they’re all at an anti-Trump rally, so no amount of masking can hide the anger and frustration that everyone there was feeling.

11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge — Anonymous Faces in the Crowd

  1. Stephen Rees February 21, 2018 / 11:54 am

    A good use of Prisma. And in the age of Trump could even become necessary!

    Liked by 1 person

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