#writephoto — The Clearing

06A55884-65C1-4932-8037-76018DF3326BFrank pushed his grocery cart, the one he had appropriated from the Safeway a few months back, through the park. The cart, loaded with a sleeping bag, a tarp, some warm clothing, a few rolls of toilet paper, and some snacks and a bottle of cheap booze he’d swiped from the convenience store, was hard to push through the dirt on the trail.

Frank could see that the sun was starting to set and he needed to find a suitable place to set up camp for the night. He was looking for a path less traveled, and one where he could find a relatively flat clearing, isolated enough to shelter him from the disparaging glances of other patrons of the city park.

It wasn’t Frank’s fault that he was homeless. How could he know that the economy would come close to collapse and that the factory he worked at would be shuttered? How could he know that his wife would leave him and his grown kids would shun him after the alcohol turned him from a good man to a drunken bastard? How could he know that he’d lose his house and find himself on the streets begging for scraps and morsels like a mangy dog?

But this was not the time to consider such weighty thoughts. He just needed a clearing where, away from prying eyes, he could unfurl the tarp, roll out his sleeping bag, crawl inside, and pray that he would at last find his lasting, quiet, endless peace.

Written for this week’s Thursday Photo Prompt from Sue Vincent.

That Strange Sound Coming From My Cat

8394156C-A107-4A9C-BFB6-DDB92E2ACA05Every morning when I wake up, I am greeted by a strange sound coming from our cat, Hercules. It sounds something like “rrrrrowe,” but with a rolling “r” like in French or Spanish.

It’s almost like a combination of purring and meowing, and Hercules continues that “rrrrrowe” sound while circling my feet as I walk into the kitchen, repeating it until I put some of his cat food in his dish.

This unique cat sound is called a “trill.” Trilling is a high-pitched, almost chirp-like noise made by cats as a greeting. It’s their way of saying “hello” to people or to other cats. It is associated with a positive, welcoming vibe, unlike the hissing sound he makes every time he sees our dog.

In Hercules’ case, his trills are his way of saying “feed me, dammit.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “trill.”