Something You Want to Tell Me?

Dave was fixing a quick dinner for his kids, since his wife, Maggie, had worked late again and had just gotten home a few minutes earlier. That’s when Dave’s cellphone rang. “Honey, can you answer that?” he asked his daughter, Darla, who dutifully got up, ran into the living room, and answered the phone.

As Dave was setting out the plates on the kitchen table, Darla handed him the phone. “It’s your lawyer calling,” she said.

“My lawyer? I don’t have a lawyer.” Dave put the phone next to his ear, “Hello, this is Dave. Who’s calling?”

“Hello Dave,” the voice said. “I’m sorry to bother you at dinnertime, but I’m Clarisa Ridgeman, attorney at law. I’m calling you because your wife has engaged an attorney, Daniel Dorfman, to represent her in your divorce. He contacted me and suggested that I call you, since you should engage your own lawyer.”

“What?” said Dave in shock. “You want to be my lawyer in a divorce case? My wife never mentioned wanting a divorce.”

“Yes,” said the lawyer. “And that’s why I’m calling you. You need to be represented.”

Just then Maggie came walking into the kitchen. “Hi hon, sorry I was late again,” she said.

“Hold on a second,” Dave said into his cellphone. “Maggie, is there something you want to tell me?”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “calling.”

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