A Gaggle of Geese

Now that Anna was pregnant, the one bedroom apartment she and her husband Bill shared would no longer work for them, so they decided to look for a place to buy.

The real estate broker was walking the young couple through a house that was within their modest budget. Could this be the first house they would be purchasing together since they got married three years earlier?

“It’s lovely,” Anna told the broker. “Don’t you love it, Billy?” She said, turning to her husband.

“What’s that sound?” Bill asked the broker. “Are we near the interstate?”

“Nowhere near the interstate or any major thruway,” she said. “What you hear is the honk of the migratory Canadian Geese.”

“How quaint,” Anna said.

“Quaint?” Bill responded. “It would be like we lived right next to the freeway if we were to buy this place. Those geese sound like a hundred cars honking their horns!”

“Let me show you the backyard,” the broker said. “It’s breathtaking.”

When she opened the French doors that led from the family room to the backyard, a large gaggle of geese was walking across the yard between the large patio and the pond at the edge of the property. The loud, discordant honking sounds did, indeed, take their breath away.

“Is it always like this?” Bill asked.

“No, not always,” the broker said. “Watch your step.”

Bill and Anna looked down to see the patio and large portions of the yard covered with goose turds.

“Let’s go,” Bill said to Anna, “I’m assuming  you don’t want our new baby to roll around in or dine upon goose poop every time he or she goes to play in the backyard.”

Anna sighed. “That’s true,” she said, “but it was such a lovely house.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “honk.”

#100WW — The Dinner

Carla left work early and spent most of the afternoon preparing dinner for herself and Daniel. This was the first home cooked meal she had made for him and she was extremely nervous. She was following her grandmother’s recipe and hoped that it tasted as good as she remembered.

Daniel sipped the wine from the glass Carla had poured for him and took a bite out of the dinner roll. “Mmm. This looks and smells wonderful,” Daniel said. “And so do you,” he added.

Carla beamed. She reached over, grabbed Daniel’s hand, and wordlessly led him to the bedroom.

(100 words)

Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl. Image credit: Brooke Lark.

One-Liner Wednesday — What a Crock

“You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether the animal sees you later or after a while.”

I don’t know who said this, but when I read it, it cracked me up. Bigly!

Written for this week’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.