#MicroMondays — Stockholm Syndrome

E0E95B64-8E42-4724-8A2E-420016E29C80It was just four months since Debbie had been abducted. She knew that her family and friends would be searching for her and, at first, she hoped they’d be successful. But now that she realized that she loved the man who snatched her away from the life she knew before, she secretly hoped they wouldn’t find them.

Written for this week’s #MicroMondays prompt. The challenge: write a 50 word post excluding the prompt line, “She secretly hoped they wouldn’t find them.”

4 thoughts on “#MicroMondays — Stockholm Syndrome

  1. Namratha Varadharajan November 19, 2017 / 10:22 am

    You gave us a whole story within the word limit! The story is known to happen ever so often. Thanks for writing for #MicroMondays

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