Good Guys With Guns?

You just can’t make this shit up.

The Republican-led Michigan State Senate passed a bill today that would allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry concealed weapons in traditionally pistol-free zones like bars, schools, day care centers, stadiums, churches, and college dorms.

In apparent agreement with the NRA’s claim about “a good guy with a gun,” the Michigan State Senate’s Republican majority leader referred to gun-free zones like schools and stadiums as “target-rich environments.” He added that the bill that passed the State Senate gives “anyone who wants to exercise their right to protect themselves and have a firearm should be able to do that where they need to.”

This Senate-passed bill must still pass the GOP-led House. If it does pass, it will be sent to the Republican governor, who vetoed a similar bill in 2012 following the mass shooting of elementary schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut.

In the meantime, the governor is not commenting on the new legislation until (or if) it wins final legislative passage.

Are these people crazy, or what?

#100WW — The Search

8CF57C00-AC27-49BD-AFC0-49367EBA3E09The apartment was dark when Alex walked in. He flicked on the hall light and saw his backpack, cameras, and other stuff spread on the floor just past the entryway.

Alex looked for his wife, but she wasn’t there. Then he saw the handwritten note on the backpack. He picked it up and read it.

Dear Alex,

Here’s everything that’s important to you. Your cameras and film, hiking boots, external hard drives, and some warm clothes.

Take it all and go out and explore the world. Find whatever it is you’re searching for, because whatever it is, it’s not me.

(100 words)

Written for today’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl. Image Credit: Brevitē.

In a Rut


“Let’s go dancing,” Julie suggested.

Felix looked at his wife of forty years in disbelief. “Dancing? You can’t be serious. Why would you want to go dancing?”

“Oh Felix, we used to have such fun going out and dancing the night away,” Julie said. “Remember the night….”

Felix interrupted his wife. “First of all, we haven’t danced together in years. I think the last time was at our son’s wedding, and he got married 15 years ago…and divorced eight years ago. Second, I’m 72 and you’re 68. Do you really think we can still dance without hurting something? And finally, where would we go? They don’t have dance clubs where you can do the waltz, the foxtrot, the cha-cha, or the jitterbug anymore.”

“But Felix,” Julie objected,” we are in a rut. We need to spice things up, don’t you think?”

Shaking his head, Felix continued. “Look, we don’t know any of these new dangled dances. And today all you’ve got are discos and, what do you call them, raves, with their mash pits, pot, ecstasy pills, or some such nonsense.”

“There must be places in the city for older couples like us to, you know, strut our stuff,” Julie said.

“Yeah, old age homes and retirement communities,” Felix responded. “I don’t want to be hanging out with a bunch of old people.”

“Okay, fine,” Julie said, resigned to yet another night of staying home and watching TV. “I think TBS is having one of its ‘NCIS’ marathons again tonight.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “dancing.”

One-Liner Wednesday — Snoring

“A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores.”

English author and humorist, Terry Pratchett

I know that I don’t snore. In fact, I can tell you that I have never woken myself up snoring.

That said, my wife claims that my snoring is constantly waking her up, which is why, she says, that she pokes me during the night. That explains why I wake up with all of these black and blue marks on my torso.

Written for this week’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt from Linda G. Hill.