Manic Monday — Same Old Song and Dance

“I’m so sorry, Alex, but traffic this morning was horrendous,” Sally explained. “The bridge was all backed up….”

“Give it a rest, Sally,” Alex said, interrupting her. “It’s always something, isn’t it? Traffic was bad, your car wouldn’t start, your alarm didn’t go off because your electricity went out.”

“You know, Alex, shit happens,” Sally said. “I’ve just had a run of bad luck recently. And I said I was sorry.”

Alex got a stern look on his face. “It’s the same old song and dance with you, isn’t it Sally? You come up with all of these bullshit excuses for why you’re late for work and you expect me to just roll over and accept it. Well, I’m sorry, too, Sally, but that ends today. I’m going to have to let you go effective immediately.”

“Oh Alex, you know you can’t fire me,” Sally said smiling at her boss.

“I just did fire you, Sally,” Alex said. “You’re done here.”

“Okay, fine,” Sally said. “I can’t wait to invite your wife out for a cup of coffee and tell her how you expected me to ‘just roll over and accept it’ from you all those nights on your office couch when you asked me to, oh what was it you said you wanted me to do? Oh right, you wanted me to inspect your hard drive to confirm that it was large enough to support all of your needs. I’m sure she’ll understand.”

Alex stood staring at Sally for a moment as she watched his expression transition from anger to resignation.

“I hope you will make a concerted effort to get to the office by 8:30 from now on,” he said. “And by the way, can you stop by my office at the end of the day today? My hard drive needs some attention.”

Sally smiled at Alex, turned around, and walk toward her cubicle. “Same old song and dance indeed,” she thought.

Written for Sandi’s Manic Monday challenge to write a post using a song title she has chosen, which this week is Aerosmith’s song, “Same Old Song and Dance.”

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