Third Time’s The Charm

CAB82D7B-7CD1-4E80-9D66-FD11C39E34F4.jpegI use my iPhone to compose and publish my posts on WordPress. It’s extraordinarily convenient because I don’t have to be sitting in front of my computer to write my posts…or to read yours. Right now, for example, I’m in my bed, nice and cozy.

Of course, at times using my iPhone for my blog can be troublesome. I’m more prone to making typos, some of which I don’t catch until after my post has been published. And then there’s autocorrect, which will occasionally and creatively fill in my post with what sometimes seems to be nonsensical words. Real words, yes, but not the words I thought I’d typed.

And then there are nights like tonight. I was composing my response to Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. But I somehow managed to hit “publish” when I intended to hit “save as draft” before I was done.

And then, once I realized that, I edited my published post, but before I had finished making my edits (additional text, not edits to the text I’d already erroneously published), I must have hit “update” instead of “save as draft” again.

Sheesh! Well, I finally got it all done and hit “update” for the last time. So if you happened to have read my failed first or second attempts, I apologize for what probably looked like an incomplete (at best) or an incomprehensible (at worst) post.

I may have to rethink using my iPhone for all of my blog’s posts.

SoCS — Pumpkin Spice


When I saw that Linda G. Hill chose the word “season” as this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, I decided to write not about one — or all four — of the seasons of the year, but to write about a marketing phenomenon known as pumpkin spice season.

Apparently pumpkin spice season this year unofficially commenced on September 5th when Starbucks rolled out its beloved pumpkin spice latte, also referred to as “PSL.”

But pumpkin spice flavored items are no longer limited to lattes. There’s pumpkin spice chewing gum, pumpkin spice pretzels, pumpkin spice Cheerios, pumpkin spice Pringles, pumpkin spice ice cream. Some pizzerias are offering pumpkin spice pizzas! Yuck!

I read an article that even pumpkin spice marijuana is a thing. I don’t know if it tastes like pumpkin spice when you smoke it or if it just gives you cravings to eat or drink anything that has pumpkin spice flavoring.

But did you know that pumpkin spice has no pumpkin in it at all? Most recipes for pumpkin spice include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and vanilla combined in such a way as to mimic the taste of pumpkin pie, which I don’t particularly care for.

Anyway, for those of you who are fans of pumpkin spice, in all of its now many iterations, enjoy the season. For me, I’ll stick with black coffee and Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.



Release the Kraken

FD42DB0C-BAE6-4D36-9303-F9521258F2E2When I woke up this morning, turned on my iPhone, and saw today’s one-word prompt, “release,” the phrase “release the kraken” popped into my still half asleep head. I knew that the phrase came from either a book or a movie I had read or seen, but I couldn’t remember the source or even what the hell a kraken is. So I Googled it.

According to Wikipedia, the kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. Authors over the years have postulated that the legend originated from sightings of giant squids that may grow to 40–50 feet in length. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works. It was first described by the Dane Erik Pontoppidan in 1752.

Never having read anything written by Erik Pontoppidan, I knew that he was not the source for the “release the kraken” phrase I was remembering. So I dug deeper.

And that’s when I learned that I recalled the phrase “release the kraken” from the 1981 movie, “Clash of the Titans.” In that movie, the kraken is the pet of Poseidon, and Zeus orders it to destroy Argos to punish Acrisius, the king of Argos, from casting his wife and Perseus into the sea.

I don’t specifically remember seeing that movie, nor it’s remake in 2010. But somehow the phrase etched itself into my brain. It basically means to let all hell break loose. The Urban Dictionary defines the phrase as “to own, to kick the ass of whomever it is that you’re releasing the kraken on.

So today I am going to totally release the kraken on you, my readers. Enjoy.

Friday Fictioneers — The Fortress

DFE22E21-E6EF-4B29-BA5C-2C94BFF770E4When Charlie saw the large county truck pull up to his house, he ran outside, planted himself in front of the large, old tree, and shouted, “No!”

The foreman of the crew addressed Charlie. “Look kid,” he said, “we’re just doing our job. This tree has to come down. Its branches hang over the street and it’s dangerous. Besides, this old tree’s seen better days.”

Tears welled in Charlie’s eyes. “This tree is my fortress, my castle. You can’t take it away from me.”

“It’s not me, kid, it’s the county,” the foreman said, signaling his crew to get started.

(100 words)

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo by Sandra Cook.