Day 29 — Read and Listen

IMG_2619Day 29: Does your hometown have a newspaper? Does it come out daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or some other frequency Does your hometown have its own radio station?

Living in a suburb of Washington, DC, the newspaper of record was what used to be The Washington Post & Times Herald. At some point, the paper dropped Times Herald from the masthead and it was just The Washington Post.

A big city paper, the Post was published daily. There was also a county-wide paper, The Sentinel, that was published either weekly or every other week, I can’t remember.

As to radio stations, I used to listen to WDON, from the neighboring town of Wheaton. It was an AM Top-40 station that was daylight only, meaning that when the sun set each night, the station stopped broadcasting.

WDON switched formats from Top-40 to Country & Western around my senior year in high school. I am not a fan of country music, so I stopped listening to WDON after the switch.

Written for Suzanne McClendon’s September Challenge, which consists of 30 questions (one for each day of this month).

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