They Love Me in India

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Just for grins and giggles, I looked over my blog’s stats for July. As expected, most of my views, fully half, came from the United States, my country, ’tis of thee. However, the country where another 28% of my blog’s views last month originated was India. INDIA!

Huh? I did not expect that.

I wanted to see if this was an anomaly, so I checked my stats for August, which, admittedly, is only four days old. What I found was that, so far, 53% of my views came from my home country, but 26% were, again, from India.


I figured that, outside of the US, most of my views would be from other English speaking countries like the UK, Australia, or Canada. But no. In July, only 7.6% were from the UK, 4.4% from Australia, and less than 1% from Canada.

What the hell, Canada? I have more views from Russia than from Canada. (Shh. Don’t tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller.)

It’s pretty much the same so far in August, with 10.9% from the UK, 4.2% from Australia and, again, less than 1% from Canada. Seriously Canada?

If someone from India is reading this post, please help me understand why I have so many readers from India. I’ve never ever been to India and going there is not high on my personal bucket list. So why?

What about all of you? From which countries are you posts getting the most views? Take a look at your WordPress stats. You might be surprised.


The Next Big Thing


“I can’t do this alone,” Phil lamented.

“Excuse me?” said Nate. He stood up and looked over the cubicle wall. “Did you say something?”

Phil looked at Nate’s head peeking over the wall that separated their respective workspaces. “Nah. I was just thinking out loud, I guess.”

“What can’t you do alone?”

“Nothing, really,” Phil responded. “It’s just that I hate this place and I’ve been working on something that can maybe get me out of here, but I can’t do it on my own.”

“Working on something?” Nate’s interest was piqued. He, too, hated his job. “Like what?”

“It’s an app for smartphones,” Phil responded. He then took a few minutes to explain the fundamentals of his idea to Nate.

Phil’s enthusiasm over his app idea was infectious and Nate grew excited. But then Phil looked up at Nate with the sad eyes of resignation. “But I need a partner.”

Nate was a great programmer, but he knew he lacked imagination. Phil, in the other hand, was an idea guy who was always looking for “the next big thing.”

“What kind of partner are you looking for?” Nate asked.

“I need to quit this job and work on my app full time, so I need financial backer who can fund my work for at least a year,” Phil explained. “And I need a strong coder who can help someone who can work with me to bring my to fruition.”

“I have a couple of hundred grand from my inheritance. And at the risk of sounding immodest, I’ve made some savvy market investments, too.” Nate proudly said. “And I’m one hell of a coder, to boot.”

Nate thought for a second after saying what he said. “But I need fifty percent.”

“Thirty-five,” Phil responded.


Phil got up, walked over to Nate’s cubicle, hugged him, and said, “Howdy pahdner.”

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “partner.”

On-the-Job Jealousy


Walt walked into the office after lunch and immediately noticed the two floral arrangements sitting on his coworker’s desk.

“Who sent you flowers?” Walt asked Anna.

“Aren’t they beautiful,” Anna replied, blushing.

“Yeah, lovely,” Walt said sarcastically. “Who sent them to you?”

“My date from last night.”

Walt and Anna had been dating for a few months until Anna had to break it off due to Walt’s possessiveness and unbridled jealousy.

“Yeah? Did you have to give him a blow job to get those?” Walt asked Anna.

“Asshole!” Anna snapped.

“Whore!” Walt snapped back.

“You’re both fired!” snapped their boss.

(100 words)

Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.