Not Such a Good Idea


“Hey! What are you doing?” Mark asked his wife.

Carolyn gave him a quizzical look. “I’m throwing it away,” she answered. “What does it look like I’m doing?”

Mark reached down into the trash basket and pulled out the discarded toothbrush. He rinsed it off and set it down on his side of the bathroom sink.

“If you need a new toothbrush, she said, “I have an extra. You don’t need to use my old one. That’s gross.”

“No, this toothbrush won’t be used on teeth anymore,” Mark explained, “but I can use it to clean the grout on the tiles on our bathroom floor and in the shower.”

“That’s a good idea,” Carolyn conceded. “Did you come up with that on your own?”

“Actually, I thought about it after I used your toothbrush to get the dog poop out of the treads on the soles of my sneakers,” Mark told her. “But don’t worry. I washed it thoroughly in hot water before putting it back in your toothbrush holder.”

Speaking about hot water, Mark spent that night sleeping on the sofa.

Written for today’s one-word prompt, “toothbrush.”

Search and Rescue


“Over here!” yelled Tony. “They’re over here.”

Relief spread over Sarah like a warm blanket. “Thank God you found them.”

“No,” Tony shouted back. “It’s just their kayaks. Not Tim and Maureen.”

“Shit.” Sarah knew that was not good news. Her brother and his wife had left for their kayak adventure on Friday and were expected back on Monday night. It was now Tuesday and no one had heard from them.

Jim walked over to where the Tony had found the kayaks. “It looks like all of their stuff is here,” he observed.

“Footprints!” Sarah called out to the two men. The three gathered to see the footprints in the sand leading from water’s edge about 20 yards into the dense woods.

They followed the footprints to the edge of the trees. “This is a small island,” Tony said. “I’m sure we’ll find them.”

A week later the lead story on the local TV news channel was about the mysterious disappearance of five mainland residents.

(165 words)

This post was written for this week’s FFfAW challenge. Image from T. J. Paris.