One of my greatest regrets in life was that, growing up and even into adulthood, I was too self-absorbed to ask my parents to tell me about their childhoods, their lives before I was born. I was too busy trying to figure out who I was, wanted to be, and how I wanted to live my own life to ask them about theirs.

As a first generation American, I missed hearing the tales of their separate journeys from “the old country” to America, how they met after they got here, and how they managed to make it in their new country. I’m sure theirs would have been riveting stories.

But then they were gone and it was too late. I can’t imagine the fascinating and powerful tales I missed out on because of my being so self-centered. What a shame.

My kids are apparently chips off the old block. They seem not to be interested in hearing my stories either. They are too busy trying to figure out who they are, want to be, and how they want to live their own lives to ask me about mine.

What goes around comes around.

When I posted this, WordPress hadn’t yet posted its daily one-word prompt. So I decided to post my own one-word prompt using the word “regrets.” If anyone else wants to use “regrets” as a one-word prompt, please feel free to do so. And be sure to link to this post via a pingback.

2 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. Michael June 22, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    I grew up surrounded by older people and so I was forever listening to their tales of their lives. In later years I came home to care for my aging father and there were times when I could get him to talk about his past as one of eleven kids, growing up the depression years, his war service. But even now a few years after his death, there are still things I don’t know and wish I’d thought to ask about.
    When I was working as a teacher there were occasions when the kids would have to write about their lives in one form or another. As I worked in an academic school I would share my stories as well. They were always fascinated by the life I had in comparison to their own. They can’t imagine a world with no internet or colour TV….walking to places and playing all day outside as no one had video games.
    I think most of us have regrets in one form or another if we knew then what we know now what a difference it might all have made.
    Enjoyed your post, got me thinking. Have a good day.


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